Know that you are happy.

The rash that had broken out all over my arms finally drove me to the doctor today, who advised me to get rid of our new chicks.  You see, when I had allergy testing done a number of years ago, I reacted to chickens and most other livestock.  I didn’t think touching them would cause me to break out in itchy red welts like this, but it has.  And not only I but also one of our daughters, our little animal lover who has had her hands in the brooder petting and playing with them, feeding them mealworms by hand, everyday…red itchy bumps up and down both her arms, both of us sneezing and uncomfortable. No one else has developed any allergic reactions to them, thankfully.

We moved them to the garage because they aren’t big enough to go outside in a coop yet (and we hadn’t prepared a coop yet, either, though we planned to do it this week).  But my husband talked it through with me, letting me know that this was not going to work because he would not be able to take on the sole care of the grown hens and didn’t think I’d be too happy to have to completely avoid them.   Continue reading

What is needed is healthy families and communities, not looser women.

One blog that I always read is Vox Popoli, written by Vox Day. Sometimes I agree with Mr. Day and sometimes I don’t, but I always find his posts thought-provoking and worth reading and considering. Today he wrote a post in which he describes Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot who may have recently committed suicide/murder by intentionally crashing a German airliner:

…it won’t surprise me to learn that Lubritch was a deeply angry and embittered Omega male […] You can see Lubritch is a small and prematurely balding young man, possibly somewhat overweight, his occupation indicates that he was more intelligent than the norm, and the uncertain smile he has on his face tends to indicate low socio-sexual rank.

Mr. Day speculates that Mr. Lubitz may have been acting out of “omega rage,” which means that the young man may have been lacking in love, affection, and physical intimacy with women and it drove him mad, ultimately leading him to possibly commit this atrocity. So far, that’s fine because it is only speculation, and the possibility that someone could be driven mad by lack of human relationships is within the realm of possible explanations, though I think we could have a chicken-and-the-egg problem here. Who is to say this man might (allegedly) have had no satisfying romantic/emotional life because he was already mad? But this is all pure speculation.

But then Mr. Day writes,

…it is somewhat haunting to think about how many lives might be saved each year if the sluts of the world were just a little less picky and a little more equitable in their distribution of [redacted sexual act].

There are several serious errors in this way of thinking. First, either loose women are bad for society or they aren’t. If they are, then wishing them to be even less discriminate in the expression of sexual immorality can’t logically lead to positive, life-saving benefits. On the other hand, if they aren’t bad for society, then they can’t logically be the cause of negative, life-destroying costs.

Second, as a Christian, as Vox Day himself is, how can one conclude that women should behave with even greater sexual immorality? Under no circumstances is increased sexual promiscuity permissible in the Christian world view. Had Mr. Day instead called for adherence to biblical sexual morality, I would have been completely in agreement with him; indeed, he does mention that in a more traditional society, Mr. Lubitz would possibly already have had a wife of his own (which he may have anyway, as this is all conjecture).

And third, saying that women should be less picky puts the blame for Mr. Lubitz’s actions on women, specifically feminists. How is that any different than shifting the blame back to men en masse by saying, “Well, if only men were less picky about only liking beautiful, chaste women, feminism would never have occurred, hence the sexual revolution would never have occurred, hence it’s all men’s fault!”?  After all, I’ve read that the cause of feminism was ugly women trying to compete for high quality men, so if women’s preference for non-omega men causes mass murder, then by the same logic men’s preference for hot babes over homely girls causes the feminism which causes the mass murder…

That would be an absurd thing to say, but no less absurd than blaming Mr. Lubitz’s actions on a society where the sluts are just too darn picky.  Feminism is one piece of bad fruit on the evil modernist tree that contributes to our declining mental and emotional well-being.  A society of weak families, nonexistent kin networks, and disconnection from community, land and God produces disaffected, vulnerable people.

Rather than complaining about loose women refusing to engage in sexual socialism, a better idea might be to encourage people to seek God our heavenly Father, form stable extended families, stop working long hours to fund overconsumption, and return to policies  and laws that would allow people to form a stable connection to their own communities and land.  Mr. Day knows what those highly politically-incorrect policies are and has the courage to talk about them, courage which many of us lack and for which I applaud him.  But the essay he wrote on Mr. Lubitz was disappointing because it was below his intellectual capabilities and presented a false and harmful solution; therefore I must respectfully disagree with his conclusion that a society of non-picky sluts would improve the mental health of disaffected men.