On women’s role in preparedness.

Fern, of Thoughts from Frank and Fern, wrote a good post recently about Women and Survival.  She writes one particularly important point:

The most important thing a woman can acquire that will increase her chance of survivability in a disaster, economic collapse, societal collapse, martial law, or any other situation that would involve a question of survival, is a good man. A man that will not only protect and care for her, but a man that will teach her how to protect herself and her family.


If you read my current quiet little blog or if you used to read one of my old, larger blogs, you already know that I believe the purpose of Woman is to be a helper and companion to Man, so I liked that Fern wrote this:

[…] Now, with that said, you also don’t want to be a burden and always expect someone else to protect you or take the lids off of jars for you.

Learning how to protect our homes and families while our husbands are away or busy is an important skill to acquire.  In addition to that, knowing how to help provide food for our families, both in times of peace and times of trouble, is also a valuable skill for women:

If you are able, grow a garden this summer. A very serious, productive garden. Preserve as much of it as you can.

The other thing women can do is teach the family’s children useful skills.  I’ve been busy with getting a very large garden in, but yesterday when one of our daughters expressed an interest in having her own garden, I took her right off to the store and let her pick out the plants.  She wanted some pretty flowers, but I also instructed her in choosing food plants for her little plot: she has two rhubarb plants, four basil plants, and a peppermint plant along with her flowers:


Go read the rest of Fern’s post, as I think it is instructive for women.