When children’s carousels are outlawed, only outlaws will have children’s carousels: Confederate flag edition.

Saginaw Children’s Zoo carousel

So this nice little old man in Saginaw, Michigan named Gerald Willis took up wood carving as a hobby when he retired and especially enjoyed carving animal statues.  Some twenty years ago, he decided that what the local children’s zoo needed was a carousel for the little ones to ride, so he and his buddies raised $800,000 (!!) and received a paltry $15,000 from the city to make a carousel with horses carved by Mr. Willis.  He decided for some of the horses to use a historical theme, painting them to represent some part of American history; one pair of horses was painted to represent the Civil War, with one painted to represent the Union and one painted to represent the Confederacy, each horse sporting its respective flag:

The above horse was removed yesterday (Friday, July 31, 2015) because, according to the zoo director, several people had “complained” about it.

I’m not from the South.  I’ve never lived in the South.  None of my family has ever lived there until my military-wife sister had to move to Oklahoma and then Texas with her husband.  I’ve never owned a Confederate flag nor will I ever do so.  I do not care if other people own them, display them, or sit their asses on the backs of wood ponies sporting them.

What astounds me is the rapidity with which something can go from being no big deal to being near-criminal in our modern world.  Two months ago, there was no issue.  Now children’s carousels are being torn apart because of a 5×10-inch historical flag painted over one shoulder.

What I am trying to get at is that the emotional reaction people are having is not normal.  It is not normal that people went to this zoo and had such an intense emotional response to a children’s amusement ride with a historical flag on it that they had to complain to the director and demand that it be removed.  People have been riding that carousel for 20 years without an issue, and all of sudden now people are so overwhelmed with hysterical anger and so offended that they have to destroy (the flag will be painted over) this donated work of art for children.  How can people not see that their emotions are being manipulated by the news media which is acting as a mouthpiece for a specific ideology?

Perhaps if the pony is repainted to show the ISIS flag or the Nazi flag rather than the Confederate flag, kindly old Mr. Willis’ wooden pony which he worked so hard to create and which he raised the money for will be reinstalled on the zoo carousel.  But it is unlikely that people will stop and self-reflect and try to figure out why something that didn’t bother them at all 60 days ago now suddenly sends them into paroxysms of anger and offense.  It’s not about Confederate flags, friends.  This is only a test run to see how quickly and how intensely the populace can be manipulated into doing the dirty work of liberalism’s overseers.

We will see this tactic again, soon, and next time I doubt it will be about something as innocuous as flags.  Christians should be preparing themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually for what is coming.