Gammas and shrews really aren’t that humorous.

I’ve been trying to understand for a while why some men will play at being the weak and foolish sidekick to the strong and competent female.  Even worse is when a man fakes fear of his woman to get a laugh.  You’ve all seen this, right?  It’s not just on TV; I’ve seen guys do this in real life.  Is it supposed to be self-effacing?  Humorous?  It really isn’t all that funny.  It is embarrassing for others to witness.

A while back I snapped this picture of a sign for sale at Hobby Lobby:

Beware of Wife

I suppose it’s supposed to be funny, but there is a passive aggressiveness to it, too.  Would the woman whose husband bought this sign and hung it up feel pleased or embarrassed, I wonder?  I don’t think having a sign like this even in jest says anything very positive about either the wife or the husband.  It implies that she’s a shrew and that he’s a snarky, passive-aggressive Gamma.

And then today while waiting for a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy, I was browsing idly in the gift section and snapped a picture of this placard:

He Rules the Roost

Again, I’m sure it’s supposed to be funny, but what kind of person would really buy this?  If the husband bought it as a joke for his wife, it reeks of passive-aggressive resentment and if the wife bought it herself, it says shrewish rhymes-with-witch.  Neither is particularly funny.

You know what these supposedly funny signs imply?

They imply that:

a. the husband doesn’t love his wife and

b.the wife doesn’t respect her husband and

c. humor is their weapon of choice to communicate their hatred and disrespect for one another while maintaining plausible deniability about what they’re doing.