The extreme materialism of liberals.

There is this weird and highly inaccurate trope out there that liberals are anti-consumerists and concerned about economic justice whereas conservatives are greedy, evil capitalists. Remember when the price of Sarah Palin’s outfits on the campaign trail were meticulously catalogued by every liberal publication but Michelle Obama’s designer clothing was written about with great admiration? Now, I do find most modern Republicans make a virtue out of consumerism, but it’s odd to me how liberalism is somehow thought of as “The People’s” ideology when its leaders are such extreme materialists and label hounds.

Consider Amal Clooney, wife of actor and liberal donor George Clooney:

Amal Clooney

Some fawning liberal fashion publication breathlessly added up her Valentine’s Day outfit (complete with labels, natch):

  • Citizens of Humanity skinny jeans – $178
  • Saint Laurent suede fringed cape – $3,990!
  • Akong London rhinestone necklace – $390.
  • Gucci leather and snakeskin horsebit ankle booties – $1,595
  • blue crocodile Nancy Gonzalez clutch – $1,650

The total cost of her outfit was $7,803, which the online article refers to as a “laid-back” look. Yet her husband fancies himself some kind of humanitarian anti-poverty activist.