Twas the weekend after Thanksgiving…

The last of the crystal is finally washed…and I only broke one champagne flute and the resulting cut on my hand didn’t even require stitches! #winning

Washed Crystal

We always use the weekend after Thanksgiving to put up our Christmas tree. The year our eldest child was born, we stopped getting real trees and bought an artificial one because we were worried about pine needles getting stuck in a crawling baby’s hands or knees (yeah, like most first-time parents, we were a tad over-protective), but this year for the first time in fourteen years, we’ve gotten a real tree. And not just any tree, but a 12-footer:

Xmas tree

I won’t relate the foibles and muttered curse words that accompanied getting this thing into the house and upright in a stand, but I will just note that it involved my husband having to run to Lowe’s in Ann Arbor for sand bags to help stabilize it. But I will say that if you live in this area, the Dexter Lions are selling beautiful trees, the guys at the lot are hilarious, and your kids get to “pick” candy canes off one of the trees, plus you’re supporting a good cause:

Dexter Lions eager to move hundreds of Christmas trees this year

Dexter Lions Club member Jim Koch stands next to one of the taller trees available at the clubs Christmas Tree sale at Creekside Intermediate School on Baker Road. The lot opened Nov. 22 and will remain open until the 1,027 are sold. Each tree has a tapered hole cut in the bottom so a tree stand (for sale at the lot) can fit into it.

Wherever you are, rather than getting your tree from a big mega-chain, why not  get it from a local tree farm or a fraternal club? Keep your money in your own community while reducing your support for made-in-China artificial crap.