Snow day

The loveliest kinds of snow days are the ones where school is cancelled the night before to really give you time to savor it.

We were hit by a pretty decent snow storm yesterday and by evening, both the school I work at and my children’s school had cancelled, causing us to have an impromptu celebratory dance party in the living room.  It has happened in the past that my school has cancelled but the children’s has not, which is its own kind of celebration for me but causes them to gnash their teeth at the injustice of this world; it is their sad fate to attend a school district where the superintendent hails from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which means he usually doesn’t see the need to cancel school for anything less than a foot of snow.

Which is close to what we’ve gotten over the past day:


Our dirt road hasn’t been plowed yet, so I’m spending a pleasant snow-bound day catching up on household tasks and working on starting seeds for the garden.  Also, here is an update for my little countertop water garden:


The celery hearts are sprouting new leaves.


There are enough romaine leaves now to make a small salad.

Also, I’ve decided to save and attempt to root and plant the top of a pineapple from the grocery store; apparently this is possible to do and may even result in an actual pineapple fruit growing on the plant.