Upcycling silverware for other uses and making a pallet bench. Also: cute goats!

Sorry it’s a bit quiet around here; summer is drawing to an end, various school activities have started back up for the children, I’m preparing for the new year at work, and various chores and projects around here require a lot of time.

I almost convinced my husband that we need to start keeping goats; these little cuties were only $50 at the Chelsea Fair yesterday:


The animal barns are always my favorite part of the fair, but my husband has a much more practical and cool-headed approach to life and thus would not budge on impulse goat purchases, no matter how cute they were. We do have a small outbuilding where they could live, but nothing is fenced in and we have no equipment, so it was pretty sensible of him to hold the line at No!  despite all the begging females surrounding him.

Anyway, since I don’t have time to write much of a post at present, I thought I’d include a couple of frugal-living upcycling tips.

The first one was that I needed a hook to hang a basket on in the garden area.  My husband had grabbed a bag full of old silverware out of the Goodwill pile at his mom’s house, and rather than buying a new hook to install, he made one for me:


Works great and was totally free!

We also wanted some benches to put around the firepit out back since we often seem to have more people than seats.  We have some old wooden pallets lying out back which we salvaged from next to a dumpster at a factory in Saline (the owner gave us permission to take them):


He used the bottom support boards for the legs, and the frame pieces form the front and back of the bench.  Then he cut the thin boards to size and used them to form the seat and sides of the bench.  He sanded down the rough boards and sharp edges and sealed it with some linseed oil he had in his workshop and voila – a totally free bench!


I’m hoping he’ll use some of those old spoons and pallet wood to make a rack for me to hang some of my garden tools on, like this one:

Our goal is to salvage, reuse, and upcycle as much as possible to meet our needs and wants.  It’s not only a good creative outlet, but it also saves us money that can be put to better use (like fencing off a goat enclosure, for instance 🙂 ), plus it keeps us out of the consumerist mind set.

Enjoy these last few days of summer, everyone!