Feminist New Year’s Resolutions – strangely they never include anything about caring for their families.

Despite a lingering migraine, I’ve promised to pack up a van-load full of kids and take them to the Toledo Zoo’s Lights Before Christmas, so I won’t have time to write up a real post again today.

But in the spirit of a bit of holiday humor, let us turn to feminist Twitter. There is no parody necessary as their tweets are hilarious in and of themselves if you just check out the hashtag . Let’s look at a few, shall we?

Remember how on another blog, I once claimed that liberals in general and feminists in particular tend toward emotional histrionics and violent imagery? Several of my feminist readers were baffled, ’cause gosh they just never ever noticed any violent tendencies among feminists at all. Hmm…

Yeah, yeah, it’s all good fun and jokey-jokey until a man tries to join in and make a joke about date-rape and bitch-slapping, innit?


Oh look, a feminist who agrees with me!

Yes, dear, I remind women not infrequently that they neither need feminism nor need to vote.

This girl, whom I believe is anti-feminism, gets it half right anyway:

A better idea: neither cry rape NOR have a shameful one-night stand.

Dunno about this one – seems to me they’re doing pretty well with this already:

This young woman speaks in a reasonable voice but good luck with that goal, sister:

…because most normal women don’t want to self-identify with a movement that turns women into this:

And I know I have a few fairly reasonable readers here who self-identify as feminists and sometimes claim the extreme voices are not typical of the movement but have a look at how many feminists favorited Miss Shoichet’s tweet. Her position is hardly on the fringe of the movement.

To the reasonable “feminists” reading here, I would say: why continue to ally with such a whacked-out group of women? OK, maybe you can’t identify with a Christian traditionalist such as I am, but why not create some other kind of group then, one that doesn’t seem to attract crazy people who can’t stand the idea of smiling, freak out at innocuous comments made by strangers, and indulge in violent fantasies as if they were normal reactions? Can’t you see that these women are on par with many of the whacko-misogynists in the manosphere? Sure, NAFALT (not all feminists are like that) but then again NAMALT (not all manospherians are like that), but enough feminists and manospherians are like that so that I certainly wouldn’t self-identify with either group.

Perhaps a better New Year’s resolution for all of us would be to find a reasonable, truthful, realistic alternative to the crazy shriekers on both sides. To that end, I leave you with this rather wise comment made recently by Mrs. Minter:

For all the trope that exists about what constitutes a real strong woman, the actual telltale is the ability to hold a civilized conversation. And that means sometimes not continuing a disagreement in favor of finding common ground. Real strong women build bridges; idiots yell at the river.


Nota bene: Occasionally I will quote other bloggers or post tweets here from other people on Twitter. This does not imply that I either agree or disagree with those bloggers or tweeters nor that I support or endorse anything else they may have written. Quotes and tweets posted here are ones that I found thought-provoking.