The importance of placing kith and kin above buying and brands.

We just returned from seeing the movie “Into the Woods” and I had intended to write a post about some of the good lessons in this film right away, but alas a migraine headache hit on the way home so instead I am crawling into bed with a heating pad. The post will have to wait.

However, I saw this tweet and thought I’d share it:

Yes, this is true but it is not the whole truth. Rather, we are manipulated and misled by people who want to make money off us. They can do this by convincing us to place family and kin secondary to selfish pursuits. Careerism, materialism, mindless consumption, the abandoning of traditions…these things all make us prime targets for advertisers as we replace our identities that we used to find in our faith, families and wider kin networks with our identities as consumers.

But being an Apple products fanatic or a Nike devotee or a coffee snob or whatever product with which you choose to self-identify will never satisfy the longing in you that can only be filled by faith and family.