Loving your oppressor. With chalk.

It’s the liberal way:


Screenshot of sidebar articles from MLive this morning

The order in which those articles were published on MLive was:

#HonkForHappiness. #NoHate. “Have fun, pizza rules.”

On Friday, April 1, Ann Arbor Open students, chalk in hand, spread messages of love, peace and unity—and pizza—on the sidewalks outside of their school, 920 Miller Ave.

The words and peace signs are in response to a chalking on the University of Michigan Diag Wednesday, March 30. Someone had written #StopIslam and Trump 2016, causing a response from university officials and backlash on social media.

“This is an opportunity to spread love and peace, even with small actions like this,” said Open Principal Meg Fenech. “We can combat hate. Even a kindergartner speaking your thoughts of unity and togetherness, that’s important.”

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More liberal incoherence: open carrying and men in the women’s locker room edition.

Liberal moonbats are generally incoherent in what they say are appropriate responses to any given situation.

In this first story, a woman named Yvette Cormier complained to Planet Fitness’s corporate headquarters about a man dressed as a woman who refers to himself as a “transwoman” using the women’s locker room at a Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan. When PF’s corporate headquarters told her this was allowed, Miss Cormier waged a gossip campaign against the man dressed as a woman, complaining to other women when he was present.

In the comments on the MLive story, liberals galore criticize this woman’s response. Fine, no problem. Though I don’t agree with men dressed as women being allowed to use the women’s locker room, neither do I think Miss Cormier should have responded the way she did, by being catty and gossipy and publicly humiliating the man, something he was doing pretty well all by himself. The correct response would have been to write a letter to Planet Fitness’s corporate headquarters explaining why she was cancelling her membership. There are workout facilities that don’t have locker rooms and thus this issue doesn’t come up; Miss Cormier can take her business dollars there, which is what I would have done.

But the very next story on MLive is of a young man who open-carried his pistol to a high school music concert in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Mr. Wade has a Concealed Carry License, but in pistol-free zones you cannot carry concealed in Michigan; you must open carry there, so he did.

Notice the liberal moonbat response of one Mr. DiBlassio, an adult musician involved with the performance:

In between sets, DiBlassio approached the row Wade was sitting in and attempted to photograph him. Following the concert, he stood at the back of the theater and asked for everyone’s attention before pointing out that Wade had been openly carrying his pistol during the event.

“I told everyone I thought they should be aware that while they were at the concert watching their kids that there was someone with a firearm and ammunition and maybe we want to think about that,” DiBlassio said.

He went on to tell people to look into contacting school board members and state representatives if they also felt uncomfortable.

“I posed the question to them saying ‘don’t we want something like a gun-free campus’ for our schools,” DiBlassio said. “And I said I personally wasn’t comfortable with this.”

As he finished speaking, DiBlassio said told everyone in the audience where Wade had been sitting and that he was wearing a white shirt.

Talk about a campaign of harassment.  Remember, Mr. Wade was following the law to the letter. Personally I think he was purposefully making this into an issue and could have avoided the big fuss, but nevertheless he was within his legal rights, just as Planet Fitness was within theirs to cancel Miss Cormier’s membership. But notice the difference this time; not only did DiBlassio photograph Mr. Wade, he then attempted to incite a mob against him by standing up publicly at the conclusion of the concert and calling attention to Mr. Wade while delivering an anti-gun lecture, which is quite a bit more intimidating than Miss Cormier’s gym gossip. At the end of DiBlassio’s diatribe, one liberal woman even physically attacked Mr. Wade’s family:

Wade said he was able to leave the auditorium without any major incidents. However, he said his father was attacked in the lobby by a woman at the show. He said the family has video of the alleged incident and is considering pressing charges for assault and battery.


The commentary from liberals under this story is very supportive of Mr. DiBlassio’s actions even though they were similar (though much more extreme) in nature to Miss Cormier’s; yet liberals approve of the one and excoriate the other. They all call for Miss Cormier to go elsewhere if she doesn’t like Planet Fitness’s policies of allowing men in the women’s locker room, yet they don’t call for DiBlassio to go elsewhere if he doesn’t like Mr. Wade legally carrying his weapon in a place and manner where he is permitted to do so.

There is no logical coherence to the liberal response; it’s just pure emotionalism all the way.