Classist, lazy feminists cause Day Without Food for hungry children in poverty.

So today is some Day Without Women crap, in which always-useless feminists encourage women NOT to go to work.  Aren’t they always insulting housewives for staying home from work? I wish they’d get their stories straight.

But I’m sure the working class women who can’t attend any of these women’s rallies because they would lose their jobs for blowing off work will be comforted to know that lazy feminists will drink an extra Starbucks latte in their honor while marching around shrieking about unequal pay for the gender who didn’t actually go to work today. Or that day last month when they went to the anti-Trump women’s rally instead of work (I personally know people who blew off working that Friday in order to travel to D.C.). Gee, all this blowing off work to march around with women dressed as walking labia…

Image from Zerohedge

… makes me think it’s actually men who are doing more work for less pay.

Guess who else won’t be sipping Starbucks, or even eating breakfast or lunch today?  The millions of American children living in poverty who rely on their schools’ free breakfast and lunch programs.

For example:

As you may be aware, organizers of the Women’s March on Washington have called for “A Day Without a Woman,” a one-day demonstration on International Women’s Day (Wednesday, March 8) to include taking the day off work.

Throughout Prince George’s County Public Schools, a high number of school-based and support staff have requested leave for tomorrow, which would compromise our ability to transport students and provide safe, productive learning environments. As a result, schools will be closed Wednesday, March 8 for students. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Please note that our leave requests significantly increased today, leading to this decision.

Based on our policies, PGCPS and the Prince George’s County Board of Education have no political stance on “A Day Without a Woman.” Schools will open Thursday, March 9 on a normal schedule.


Kevin M. Maxwell, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Prince George’s County Public Schools

I did a little research on Prince County schools to see if it’s the sort of place where the families’ nannies can just run the kids out to Starbucks for muffins and hot cocoa for breakfast:

According to the Washington Post:

The number of students who are eligible to receive free and reduced-price meals while attending public schools in Prince George’s County has gone up in the past year, according to recently released enrollment numbers.

The percentage of students who are eligible to receive free and reduced-price meals, a federal indicator of poverty, rose from 61.49 percent in October 2013 to 64.67 percent this October.

Of the 127,866 students in Maryland’s second-largest school district, 82,696 of the students come from poor families.

Ooh, sorry poor kids! No breakfast for you!  No lunch either! Your female teachers and support staff were apparently too busy running about with the Vagina Suit and Lattes Crew to make sure you learn to read, write, or even get to eat today.

Feminsim: bad for working-class women and poor children.

Uncle Waldo, terror of the UPS man, finishes off my knee

I came home from work the other day and saw a cardboard box tossed in a pile of leaves on the driveway. That’s odd, I thought. I am expecting a box from Amazon, but they always bring it up and leave it on the covered front porch.

I walked over to look at it, and sure enough, it was my Amazon package lying in the damp leaves. “What the hell,” I fumed to myself. “Why on earth did that UPS man just toss my package here?”

Oh wait, that’s right.  I had forgotten about Uncle Waldo…


the Guard Gander.


The formerly peaceful and good-natured goose now patrols the property, keeping a sharp eye on all movement while his mate Abigail placidly roots around for spring growth in the weeds. And anything that doesn’t look quite right to him is investigated and summarily attacked, with much hissing and snapping of serrated beak.

Including hapless UPS men who are just trying to walk up to the porch with an Amazon package.

I laughed silently to myself, imagining the poor deliveryman’s frightened retreat, tossing the box over his shoulder as he ran for his truck with Uncle Waldo hissing and biting his legs.

I have been bitten by Waldo many times recently, and it doesn’t really hurt much.  It just feels like a hard pinch. But it is incredibly intimidating when he comes at you with his head lowered, hissing.

And just yesterday evening when I went out to put away the flocks, foolishly carrying a red bag of meal worms (the color red tends to trigger aggression in poultry), he charged me, undeterred by the stick in my hand and the feed bucket I was trying to defend myself with, and knocked me flat, proceeding to bite me any place he could land a blow.

People, I was freaked out. In my scrambling to get away, I felt that familiar sharp searing pain in my injured knee and knew that it was my meniscus ripping even further.

Good thing I’m having surgery next week, I guess.

But Uncle Waldo has really become a problem. He never attacks Phil; this is because Phil has used the same method of dealing with pets or livestock who challenge him for 25 years. He does what he calls “playing baby,” which entails scooping up the rebellious animal and snuggling it up tight against himself with his arms wrapped around it and carrying it around like a baby, crooning to it softly. Uncle Waldo never attempts to attack him during these baby sessions but looks highly offended.

But everyone else feels Waldo’s wrath.

We keep him because we would like goslings. Goose is wonderfully fatty meat, perfect for rendering fat to cook with.  But here’s the thing:  Uncle Waldo is apparently a fighter, not a lover. As in: he guards Abigail but he does not breed Abigail.

Which means that he is a very handsome bird, but he is essentially a useless pain in the ass.

And, having been goosed by this goose more than once, I do not mean “pain in the ass” metaphorically.



“I am keeping my eye on you, Woman.”

Ketogenic thirst

So this is kind of out of the blue, and I have no idea if anyone among the small number of people who read my blog knows anything about a ketogenic diet, but I have been in ketosis for about a month.

The reason I opted to do this is because a while ago I tore the meniscus in my knee and a piece of it is folded over and stuck in my knee joint. I have to have surgery on it next month, and it has been very painful. My orthopedic surgeon has had me taking prescription anti-inflammatories twice a day, but I really hate popping pills and wanted to stop taking them, and I remembered that Sarah’s Daughter, who doesn’t seem to blog anymore, talked about following a ketogenic diet for pain relief.

So I thought, what the heck, I will try it.   Women love a new diet, as Cane Caldo once quipped. But do you know what? To my surprise, it actually worked! After about two weeks in ketosis, I was able to stop taking the anti-inflammatories.  Of course, my meniscus is still torn and therefore if I overdo it, the pain is there again. But it’s not nearly as bad.

Oh, and did I mention that I lost 10 pounds in the past month? Without ever feeling hungry? Yeah, so what’s not to love?

The problem is that I feel like I am dying of thirst all the time. So I drink and I drink and I drink, and then my electrolytes get all out of whack and I get terrible muscle cramps. I have  mostly gotten the electrolyte thing under control by using pink Himalayan salt on everything I eat and supplementing with magnesium, potassium, and vitamin D.

But the thirstiness is not getting any better. I wake up at night and I can’t sleep because no matter how much I drink, my mouth feels like the Sahara desert. I have tried researching this, but no one ever seems to answer the simple question of, “Does the thirstiness ever go away?”

So on the outside chance that anybody reading this knows anything about it, can you tell me if thirstiness ever goes away, or am I stuck with it for so long as I keep my carbohydrate intake under 20 g per day?  I love the pain relief but I just can’t stand my mouth being parched all the time. It’s kind of a work issue too because I am a speech pathologist.

Any advice would be appreciated.

You’ll NEVER guess which one was the Trump voter

Image source: NPR News

Image source: NPR News

One of these two women is named Jamie Rupert. She and her husband were Obama voters who voted for Trump in this election.  NPR wrote a story about people who had switched from voting Democrat to voting for Trump and Jamie Rupert was one of the people in the story.

The other of these two women is a single mother named Amy Whitenight.  When the NPR story was posted on Facebook, Whitenight left a nasty and personally insulting comment on it directed at Mrs. Rupert, stating the following:

The only good thing about trump getting elected is that idiots like this will get a big kick in the ass. The bad part is that we all have to suffer along with these unintelligent trump supporters.

Can you guess who is who?

Hell, that is a rhetorical question, isn’t it.

No wonder Democrats in particular and the left in general are hemorrhaging support.  Who wants to be associated with these people? No one in their right mind, not even people who consider themselves somewhat liberal.

My ducks aren’t the only ones out for a swim today (crazy white people edition)

Happy Sunday evening from the frozen wasteland known as Michigan!

My chickens have a touch of frostbite on their combs because they insisted on coming out today for a bit; they’re going stir crazy in their coop. Even the crazy ducks and geese came out to swim in the pond, in the little hole in the ice that is still open, even though it was 15° with a wind chill around zero.  But they aren’t the only ones out for a swim…

On Chronological Snobbery

From Chronological Snobbery (And The Sin Of Pride) at Upland Gardener:

“My parents grew up here in rural Middle TN during the Depression. To some extent, the lyrics from Alabama’s song, “Song of the South,” applied: “Somebody told us Wall Street fell, but we were so poor, we couldn’t tell!” Since 1865, much of the South has known poverty, so that hadn’t changed much, but at least folks mostly still owned their own farms, had gardens, and livestock, and as a result, had enough to eat.

Now, I look at my family’s little hometown, and like much of rural America, it went from a bustling center of commerce, where the local farm economy supported the shops in town, and the shops and services in town, in turn, supported the local farm family. Sadly, especially since the takeover by government/Big Agra post-WWII of much of the farm economy, the little town now struggles.
Most folks choose to forget the past, and, as a variation on what C.S. Lewis termed “chronological snobbery,” every generation deep down considers itself a little more enlightened, a little smarter and progressive than the preceding ones.

However, just like the young man who, thinking of his ol’ man as a pretty dim bulb when he’s 18 or 19, grows to understand his dad gets a lot smarter as time goes on and life and Reality “happens” to him; this pattern does fortunately serve as a correcting influence. Sadly, though, starting with us Baby Boomers, successive generations seem increasingly self-satisfied in their arrogant folly, not understanding that the artificial prosperity we have enjoyed for a long time now, is not the norm, but is in fact a mere blip in history.

If we’re going to have Depression 2.0, there’s a part of me that would like to go ahead, hold my nose, and get it over with. Break this damnable crony-capitalist system along with the arrogance of the pampered elites. I then realize that when that occurs, it won’t be just the arrogant who suffer; it’ll be good people as well!

I pray we in the church especially will awaken to Reality, and not stay caught up in this corrupt system. We need to be there to be reflections of God’s mercy and wisdom in those times, and not mere victims, addicted to the goodies from the corrupt, collapsing system.”


On Depression 2.0 and crony capitalism: even if you are (unlike me) a believer in democracy (I am a monarchist),  you surely must be able to see at this point that both the Democrats and the Republicans serve the interests of the same people. There’s no difference.

I am pro-life and generally pretty socially conservative. You might think I would be a big supporter of Republicans, but I am not. Republicans serve the interest of crony capitalists as opposed to the well-being of communities;  just look at their support for free trade. Look at their support for switching over from pensions to 401(k)s. These kinds of things  impoverish the vast majority of people and enrich a very small elite. And despite what Bernie Sanders supporters may think, the Democrats support the same things. Recall that it was Bill Clinton who brought us NAFTA, allowing us to hemorrhage manufacturing jobs to Mexico. Who benefited from that? Wealthy elites at the expense of the working class.

It is the same with environmentalism. Republicans support the Ann Coulter-esque form of rape and pillage of the earth to benefit Big Business, whereas Democrats are controlled by a bunch of uber left-wing idiots who usually want to enact policies that do more harm than good (mercury vapor light bulbs, anyone?).

On chronological snobbery: I’ve been guilty of it, and probably you have too.  In reality, with industrialization and urbanization to fuel our wealth, we’ve given away something very precious in exchange for material well-being. We have given away community and family, and it has gotten worse with every generation. I think millennials have pretty much reached peak chronological snobbery with their all-consuming focus on persona and lifestyle striving.

Repenting of (turning away from) materialism, pride and liberalism (of both the left and right variety) is the solution.


Building a duck house for a Michigan winter

We hadn’t planned to build a duck house this year since we had a serviceable shed that they were doing OK in. However, later in the fall a freak wind storm blew in and demolished the shed. Miraculously, the ducks and geese had come out into their yard in the storm and so were not killed when the shed collapsed.

Not everyone was so lucky; while waiting in line at Lowe’s to purchase the lumber to build the new duck house, the person in line behind my husband asked him, “What are you building?”

“A duck house,” he said.

“Me too!” the person said. Sadly, some of their ducks had been killed when their house had collapsed in the storm.

I thought I would share a bit about how Phil built this house for those folks who google “how to build a duck house” and end up here.

First, he cemented in 6 fence posts to make the support structure. The house is 10 feet long and 4 feet wide:


The front of the house is about a foot taller than the back of the house so that the roof slopes back, allowing snow to slide off.


While their new house was being built, the weather turned rather cold and windy, so I built a temporary rough shelter out of straw bales so at least they had a place to get out of the wind and lay their eggs:




For a while it was still warm enough to fill up their little pools in the duck yard but it has since turned too cold for that. We still have the bubblers on in the pond which keeps a small hole about 10 feet across open in the ice so they can come out and get a daily bath if they want to.


The house is about 18 to 20 inches off the ground, so they like to go underneath it and even sleep under there. I put some straw bales around it to provide some windbreak for them:


A long ramp with a gentle incline was built up to the house, and the pop door opens down onto it.


In order to give them some traction on the wood, my husband laid some of the leftover roofing shingles on it, and then he had the brilliant idea of gluing down wooden paint stirrers to provide even better footing for them.:


As you can see, their wet, messy droppings freeze on it and make it slippery, so we keep a paint scraper wedged into a bit of trim that we can use to scrape the frozen droppings off when they build up too thickly:


In order to give it a truly redneck flavor, Phil hung some colored Christmas lights on it.

He built access doors on both sides for cleaning out  soiled straw bedding and for gathering eggs.


The top of the door fits into a little groove and on each side there is a slide bolt to hold it in place. Two metal handles make it easy to lift it out and in.


Inside one of the access doors, we put a heated water bucket inside a low plastic bin in order to contain any water the ducks splash out of the bucket; this keeps their bedding relatively dry. Ducks are notoriously messy with their water!  The floor and about 6 inches up the wall are covered in cheap vinyl flooring to keep the wood from getting too wet inside and to make clean out easier.



The view from the duck house, looking toward the red rabbit hutch and our house.



A second heated water bucket out in the duck yard in front of the rabbit hutch.

 One of the most important things for a duck house is adequate ventilation. Ducks are very messy creatures who like to play in their drinking water and make lots of wet poo.  To provide the most ventilation, we left the rafters open so that fresh dry air would flow in and wet humid air would flow out, all up above where the ducks are nesting so they are out of the draft. Because their house is enclosed in a fenced run, we didn’t have to put anything over the opening to the rafters, but if your duck house is not fenced in, you will want to affix some hardware cloth to keep predators out.


Open rafters provide good ventilation


The finished duck house, just in time for winter!

The objective is to build a house that keeps wind, rain,  and snow off the ducks and geese.  It’s not important for the house to be “warm” and I strongly advise against using supplemental heat. Ducks and geese are VERY cold-hardy birds – they’re wearing down jackets, after all! My ducks are out and swimming in the coldest weather; the pictures below were taken on a day when the high temperature wasn’t even 20°F.


If anyone reading has any specific questions about how the house was constructed, feel free to ask in the comments and we will do our best to answer.  I hope this was helpful!