Gardening, Forest Gardens, and Permaculture

Grow Your Own: helpful tools for getting your vegetable garden seeds started.

The gift of wild food plants.

No-waste tree planting.

Skill are best learned before you need them, and patience is a skill.

Conservative Christians and Permaculture: separating the wheat from the chaff.

My first attempt at making maple syrup.

Tapping my first sugar maple tree.

On gardens and gratitude.

Winter daydreaming about spring planting.

When it comes to urban farming and renewal, “left” and “right” are mostly useless political terms.

1 thought on “Gardening, Forest Gardens, and Permaculture

  1. Comments are closed on you article “Conservative Christians and Permaculture: separating the wheat from the chaff”, so I hope you don;t mind me posting a comment here. You mention that there is a lot of ‘new age’ stuff associated with Permaculture. Strictly speaking that’s impossible. People with New Age philosophies have adopted Permaculture (unfortunately in larger numbers than have Christians) and if you read their stuff you will find New Age stuff. However, Permaculture itself is a design science that works WITH nature rather than against it.

    Permaculture was “invented” by two Australians, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, working out of a university in Tasmania. Neither of these guys can be thought of as ‘New Age’. Permaculture is strictly a science – it is based on observation and integration. The Ethics; Care for Planet, Care for People and, Share the abundance might as well have been drawn straight from the biblical narrative – but they weren’t…they are based on what is good for ALL of humanity and the earth. Any spirituality that surrounds Permaculture is brought to it by its adherents – you and i bring our Christian spirituality with us to our Permaculture designing.

    If you are looking for Permaculture blogs with no “New Age” spirituality go to which is where your image for the ethics and principles came from.

    A very useful book is Earth-Users-Guide-Permaculture by Rosemary Morrow
    or Permaculture-Principles-Pathways-beyond-Sustainability by David Holmgren – co-founder of Permaculture

    I hope this information is of use to you, and I hope all is gong well with your permaculture journey.

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