3 thoughts on “Family

  1. Hi Ms. Sunshine Thiry, just writing to say that I have discovered your blog and really am enjoying it! I came across your blog when searching for information about skating on ponds as my husband and I are building a house on 20 acres with a pond. I live locally, Ann Arbor area, and find it refreshing to find another conservative female. There are precious few of us around here! I too am in education, and generally keep my conservative thoughts to myself out of self-preservation, lol!

    So sorry to hear about the pipes bursting in your basement. I had two floods in the basement of my previous home and know what a mess it is. You’ve handled the situation with grace. I’ll continue to enjoy reading the interesting things you have to say. I respect your putting thoughts to “paper” and sharing with others. And BTW, stay warm this week!

    [ST: Hello and welcome! Nice to hear from a fellow conservative in the area; you know what they say about A2…”Twenty-eight square miles surrounded by reality.” 🙂 ]


  2. Hi – very happy to have stumbled on your site. I am a Christian/wife/mother/physical therapist. I was googling re: into the Woods (needed to refresh my memory) My husband and i saw it a few years ago and although our kids wanted to see it, we suggested that they wait. They are now 14, 13, and 12 and our middle daughter was assigned “I know things now” for her musical theatre selection for music festival. My daughter doesn’t totally “get” the meaning of the song. I didn’t want to be the over-sheltering mother and make her “ditch” it, besides, our girls are all musical theatre buffs and really want to watch the movie. We are going to watch it this weekend and I am planning to have a good talk with them about it (Its a little more complex than they realize…..). Thanks for such a well framed look at these issues that they WILL come face-to-face with. I so want to share these kinds off lessons without the vulgar flavour that so often goes along with it all.


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