Woman To Shelve Belief That Gender Is Social Construct For Few Minutes While Boyfriend Changes Flat Tire On Side Of Road

From the Babylon Bee:

LOS ANGELES, CA—Local woman and self-described feminist Ruby Alexis decided to temporarily shelve her firmly held belief that gender is nothing but a social construct while her boyfriend changed her car’s flat tire on the side of the road, sources confirmed Tuesday.

[…] At publishing time, sources had further confirmed that the woman also betrays her feminist ideals and embraces traditional gender roles every garbage day, when her yard needs to be mowed, and whenever in the vicinity of a crime or possible physical altercation.

It’s funny ’cause it’s true even though the article is just satire. This self-serving contradiction is the thing that I find the most galling and offensive about feminism as a philosophy because it makes women look like illogical idiots, which we aren’t.

Feminim says:

Women are super strong and powerful and can do everything men can do, including fight in wars, plus have babies!


Women are absolutely powerless around men, are perpetual victims, and are too terrified at all times ever even to say the word no, and therefore need men to grant them (and enforce) all kinds of special physical and legal protections, plus give us money.

Mmkay, that makes no sense.  Discerning cultural commenters have to ask the hard questions here, namely:

Are feminists master-manipulators just trying to extract maximal resources from men while placing maximal constraints on them, or are they just idiots incapable of logic?

A few years ago I read a book on raising chickens and noticed the authoress had a blog and a small farm. I love reading farming blogs, so I started following her. She was single, unemployed, and a self-described feminist, and I quickly noticed a lot of grrl power BS in her posts. She wrote non-stop about being tough, scrappy, and independent, but I started noticing that her farm was in a perpetual state of crisis and chaos, and she seemed to be able to solve almost none of these problems by herself. Truck broke down? Call a man to tow it to a man in town to fix.  Pipes frozen? Call a plumber (male). Time to slaughter and butcher animals? Call in men to do it. She couldn’t even cut her own firewood, for Pete’s sake, something plenty of non-feminist women manage to do.  Yet she never had any money to pay these men and was constantly trying to bargain her way into paying a reduced fee at a later date.  I finally stopped reading her in disgust.

In no way am I saying that women can’t run farms. I’m not handy at coop-building, but I can haul feed bags, slaughter ducks, and fend off maniacal ganders, and guess what? Women have been doing this kind of stuff for all of history without a useless, helpless, illogical, contradictory philosophy like feminism, which not only doesn’t help women but actively harms them by burning through men’s good will and natural inclination to help us, the way the feminist farmer-blogger burned through the good will of men willing to fix her shit for free.


14 thoughts on “Woman To Shelve Belief That Gender Is Social Construct For Few Minutes While Boyfriend Changes Flat Tire On Side Of Road

  1. Dang it, I was just going to write a post about the Babylon Bee, too! They’re pretty witty over there.

    I noticed at least two big “girl power” commercials involving our Olympic skiers prior to the start of the Olympics. I cant watch the stuff anymore. Its irritating. Your right, I know the ladies are good skiers and could run circles around me (who has skied maybe twice in my life), but the feminist message is getting old and was dumb a long time ago. Be a good athlete, and that’s it.

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  2. I’m a huge fan of people of both sexes learning new skills and working hard. There’s no need for (or benefit from) feminism.

    I agree that women are in need of protection from (the small minority of) men who are predators. Oddly, the men who prey on women that have been highlighted in the news recently are all vocal supporters of feminism. Pro tip: Men who loudly proclaim their feminism appear to be a threat to the safety of women. A woman or girl who values her personal safety should avoid such men.

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  3. Love the Bee–it keeps me sane many times. And to the topic, with a big family, we’ve got big vehicles with big tires, and suffice it to say that our moderate sized daughters simply have a lot of trouble breaking the lug nuts free and lifting the tire off the hub. Like it or not, testosterone and the Y chromosome matter.

    Regarding the blogger you used to follow, it strikes me that unless she really succeeded in monetizing her blog, she was likely burning through a trust fund or inheritance at a rapid rate. I’ve followed a couple of those as well for a short time, and inevitably I see something that says “this girl has passion, energy…..everything but a viable business plan and the ability to do math.” One sees a lot of people crashing and burning as a result.

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  4. Are feminists master-manipulators just trying to extract maximal resources from men while placing maximal constraints on them, or are they just idiots incapable of logic?

    They could be both. Feminine wiles are as useful for manipulation as logic is.

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  5. I have to add my voice to Farm Boy’s and second what you said. Men don’t want to argue and this is burning through good will.

    You mentioned aggressive ganders. Has Uncle Waldo calmed down?


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  7. LOL, if men did not love the appearance, sound, feel, smell, and taste of women we would have placed a bounty on their heads many, many years ago ;-D

    It’s good to see you blogging again. The sun is shining here and my wife’s crocuses have begun to flower; only the Tommies so far, but Spring is coming.


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