Rejoicing over the lost and found.

Thiry Farm

So many times I think to myself how interesting life on our little hobby farm is and how I ought to get back to writing about all the odd and fascinating happenings, but busyness kept me from it and then it seemed awkward just to start writing again.

But there is nothing like the thrill of new eggs to get me excited and wanting to tell the story…

In June, we received a shipment of 15 Midget White turkey poults, five of whom died within 48 hours before I figured out they must have arrived carrying coccidiosis. One of the girls and I fairly flew to Tractor Supply for a package of Corvid, and the other ten poults lived and thrived.


Then December came and five of the surplus toms flew off to freezer camp, and I have to say they were emotionally the hardest of all the poultry to…

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