Ducklings and goslings update

We have plenty of baby poultry in progress around here.

I hatched out some mutt ducks  at school for the kiddos to observe:


Today an incubator full of Pilgrim goslings is working on hatching:

Scrambles, our Buff Orpington hen, and Violet, one of our Australorps, both went broody and are sitting on Indian Runner duck eggs and Pilgrim goose eggs:

Abigail, our Pilgrim goose, went broody a while ago but then left her nest. I put those eggs in the incubator to finish hatching; however, she laid a new clutch in a nest she built under the duck house and now is sitting quite seriously.  I think she may actually finish the job this time!

In a few weeks when work winds down for the year I will resume posting here more regularly. I also have started a new blog related solely to our farm:

Thiry Farm




6 thoughts on “Ducklings and goslings update

  1. Glad to hear that all is well. I still want to know what Abigail’s reaction to all the goslings showing up is going to be. I can see her saying “I can’t be mother to all these. Send me some help!”

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    • LOL, some female birds can raise a bunch, particularly if the males help. The California quails here often raise a couple of dozen chicks, the males take those that have hatched to high quality food sources, while the female continue hatching the rest. Quite a production, my wife’s sweet peas were one such site, full of aphids for the chicks to eat ;-D

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    • Oh yeah, they loved aphids. They looked like little balls of fluff with huge feet. They could actually walk around on the vines because they didn’t weigh much and the weight was widely distributed over those feet. I always had to tell the pooch that they weren’t to be grabbed ;-D

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      • You reminded me of a woman that I dated that had an issue with a bunny in the neighborhood. I have one living under the one of the trees in my front yard, but he keeps a low profile and leaves the neighbors’ gardens alone.


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