Tough and defiant, but apparently only so long as men keep the electricity working.

Of all the things there are to loathe about feminism –  from its insipid vagina “art” to its laughable women’s “studies” – I think the thing that disgusts me the most about it is its pointless rebellion.   It’s like when your toddler stamps her little foot and shrieks, “I won’t (put on my coat, wear my shoes, etc) and you can’t make me!”  and you just shake your head sadly at the toddler because it’s such a stupid thing to be rebellious about, so not based in reality.

With toddlers, you can just kind of laugh it off. But when grown women do it, it is simply ugly to behold.

Take this for instance:

What is this even a protest against?  Is it supposed to be against capitalism or something?  But in what sense are the women of this nation standing up to materialism en masse?  To globalism? To over consumption?  It is absurd. It is rebellion just to be ugly, with no point or purpose.

Actually, scratch that. I think it does have a purpose.  Consider this quote  from a woman viewing the statue of Pointless Rebellion Girl (highlighting mine):

…when we saw it we were very struck, almost emotionally. You know the bull is kind of a symbol of almost a male power in a way, and this little girl is just standing there triumphant. I think it’s gorgeous. I love it.

The purpose is to be as insulting and condescending towards men as possible.   And to what end? Although the sculpture was apparently created by a woman, it was commissioned by a finance company and rolled out with a slick advertising campaign.

Sisters, do you not see how you are being manipulated here? Feminists (and the women who listen to them) are merely useful dupes; look and you will see the men behind the curtain.  They are trying to sell you an image that causes enmity between normal women and men. Why would they do that?  What are they trying to get you to do? And why?  Don’t participate. Don’t believe the advertising; it is not reality.

Back in reality land, we just had one of the most significant weather events in the entire history of the state of Michigan. One third of Michiganders are without electricity. Including me.

Let us check DTE Energy’s website to see what is going on with power restoration, shall we?

What imagery are they using to reassure a frightened, cold public sitting in the dark?

Oh Pointless Rebellion Girl, where is thy statue when the lights go out?

13 thoughts on “Tough and defiant, but apparently only so long as men keep the electricity working.

  1. It has been said to me that I must hate feminism so much because I hate women.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    It is because I actually care about my fellow women that I loathe feminism and speak out against it so often. Feminism is a way for a small number of very evil men to gain control over a large segment of other men. Women are merely useful pawns (but oh, how useful!).

    Feminism in no way, shape, or form leads to outcomes that are in women’s best interests. The incredible decline in average happiness of modern women, as documented by the very liberal Wolfers and Stevenson, compared to just a few decades ago is evidence of the misery that feminism has inflicted upon Womankind.

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  2. As for the firm that commissioned the statue, they have over a trillion dollars under management. Perhaps, they think, by bashing men, women will place more money with them? They wouldn’t be the first financial institution that has tried that.
    Anyway, I am going to take it as a good sign that nothing big or bad happened yesterday. Maybe feminism is fading into irrelevance?

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    • As much as I wish it were so, I do not see any evidence that feminism is fading away.

      You know what really gets my goat? Women who credit feminism with their achievements even though feminism had nothing to do with it.

      I won’t link to the blog, but I read a blog of a woman who is farming on her own. It’s interesting to read about her daily struggles and how she overcomes them. But since Hillary Clinton lost the election, this girl for some reason has become really obnoxious about being a feminist. It’s so sad to watch her give credit for her own hard work to a movement that has done nothing tangible for her.

      It is like modern women are all brainwashed to believe that women can’t do anything and have never accomplished anything outside of what feminism has allowed them to. It’s total bullshit.

      Feminism: always taking credit for other people’s accomplishments.

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      • Sunshine,
        Fifty three percent of women voted for Trump. That means they voted against the candidate that feminists endorsed. That feminists could not deliver a Presidential election is a definite sign that they have lost popularity. Another is that only eighteen percent of women in the US and a mere seven percent of women in the UK will self identify as feminist.
        What worries me is that as the moderates leave the fold, the radicals will remain. It ill get ugly.
        As for your blog colleague, could it be that feminism gave her confidence a boost in her past? I can’t begin to see how it helped her with her farm directly.

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      • Hmmm, I am old enough to know that second wave feminism did very little positive, most of their supposed positive claims were already happening because of technological change. Their greatest damage was support for no-fault divorce, a selfish behavior that devastated many children…and judging from my extended family, that damage will continue for generations.

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  4. It is so obvious, why couldn’t I see it sooner? The appropriate counter to the Merrill Lynch bull would be a bear. That would be in keeping with Wall Street culture. That they chose to place a young girl with an grown woman’s face opposite a bull ready to charge, is more than unreal.


  5. That statue is the most ludicrous, pointless piece of “art” I’ve seen in quite some time. Given the state of modern art, that’s saying a lot. As a woman, feminists embarrass me. I’m surrounded by them in my creative profession, all proudly waving their feminist flags as if it somehow gives greater credence to the product of their fervent brains, while turning their back to the style that brought their career to the height in now enjoys. A style that celebrated men in all their untamed, non-feminized glory.

    Feminists as a whole are proud to stomp men into the ground, repeatedly blaming them for all of their (individual and women as a whole) failures. They are proud to scream in the face of a polite and kind man. They are proud to step on the broken and bent masculine back in their ever-greedier climb to power. Most sad of all, they are proud to hold up the bodies of their aborted babies as evidence of their freedom. All while failing to see the ever heavier chains of government, sin, and lack of family, faith, and awareness of their own mortality that drip from their ankles, wrists, neck, and that thick rink through their obliviously upturned nose. They’re going to drown in the coming downpour of consequences.

    Perhaps it points to a shortcoming in myself, but I can no longer even pity them. Their destruction is too far reaching, and their arrogance too strong. I too deeply love the traits that make a woman a woman, the things that are her strength, and the same things that are so deeply reviled by ugly feminists. Give me submission to my husband and my God. The feminists can keep their ladder to worldly “success” and their vagina hats. I’ll be in my quiet house, on my knees, grateful for the word of God to guide me through dark days.

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  6. The links between feminism and Wall Street/international banksters/corporations are very old and deep. Indeed these entities are merely parts of the same anti-Christian ‘religion’. The Religion of Self.

    Modern America as the ‘glass house’ was constructed by the vanity/excess spending of U.S. females, the greatest drain of global resources the Earth has ever experienced — the vast majority of which was imported into America to satiate the (insatiable) demands of the American Female. Even while she stands in moralistic fervor, waving her Save The Planet placards.

    Corporations, governments, NGO, schools and colleges, etc., all rode that Great Greed Wave the past seventy years that was driven by the glut and empowerment commands of the Almighty American Female. As she grew in power and monstrousness, so exactly grew her ancillaries, gubbermint bureaucracies and bloated corporations and the rest. All one sow, with a pretty bow tied on its head, and a gun and handcuffs on its belt. For to crush multiple generations of the nation’s sons, while the Great Greed Wave rolled on decade after foul decade, required likewise the construction of a vast police/snoop state, to keep the perpetra . . . I mean males, in their place. And their new place often in the gynarchy was a prison workplace, where for five dollars a day they could make office furniture and materials for the new crop of Hardcharging Sisters who have been awarded their educations and jobs . . . by the gubbermints, corporations, and . . . etc.

    Very tidy. Very tidy indeed. Nice going folks.

    Cheers! o Sunshine.


  7. A commenter on Redpillgirlnotes’s blog addressed this link to me. I may have spoken too soon about International Women’s Day being a fizzle. Feminists in Argentina went way over the top again.I hope that they have no friends left.
    For comparison, this is what they were up to in 2013.

    Maybe there is a silver lining to this. As the moderates abandon them, that will leave the radicals and crazies.


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