Classist, lazy feminists cause Day Without Food for hungry children in poverty.

So today is some Day Without Women crap, in which always-useless feminists encourage women NOT to go to work.  Aren’t they always insulting housewives for staying home from work? I wish they’d get their stories straight.

But I’m sure the working class women who can’t attend any of these women’s rallies because they would lose their jobs for blowing off work will be comforted to know that lazy feminists will drink an extra Starbucks latte in their honor while marching around shrieking about unequal pay for the gender who didn’t actually go to work today. Or that day last month when they went to the anti-Trump women’s rally instead of work (I personally know people who blew off working that Friday in order to travel to D.C.). Gee, all this blowing off work to march around with women dressed as walking labia…

Image from Zerohedge

… makes me think it’s actually men who are doing more work for less pay.

Guess who else won’t be sipping Starbucks, or even eating breakfast or lunch today?  The millions of American children living in poverty who rely on their schools’ free breakfast and lunch programs.

For example:

As you may be aware, organizers of the Women’s March on Washington have called for “A Day Without a Woman,” a one-day demonstration on International Women’s Day (Wednesday, March 8) to include taking the day off work.

Throughout Prince George’s County Public Schools, a high number of school-based and support staff have requested leave for tomorrow, which would compromise our ability to transport students and provide safe, productive learning environments. As a result, schools will be closed Wednesday, March 8 for students. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. Please note that our leave requests significantly increased today, leading to this decision.

Based on our policies, PGCPS and the Prince George’s County Board of Education have no political stance on “A Day Without a Woman.” Schools will open Thursday, March 9 on a normal schedule.


Kevin M. Maxwell, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Prince George’s County Public Schools

I did a little research on Prince County schools to see if it’s the sort of place where the families’ nannies can just run the kids out to Starbucks for muffins and hot cocoa for breakfast:

According to the Washington Post:

The number of students who are eligible to receive free and reduced-price meals while attending public schools in Prince George’s County has gone up in the past year, according to recently released enrollment numbers.

The percentage of students who are eligible to receive free and reduced-price meals, a federal indicator of poverty, rose from 61.49 percent in October 2013 to 64.67 percent this October.

Of the 127,866 students in Maryland’s second-largest school district, 82,696 of the students come from poor families.

Ooh, sorry poor kids! No breakfast for you!  No lunch either! Your female teachers and support staff were apparently too busy running about with the Vagina Suit and Lattes Crew to make sure you learn to read, write, or even get to eat today.

Feminsim: bad for working-class women and poor children.

12 thoughts on “Classist, lazy feminists cause Day Without Food for hungry children in poverty.

  1. From the official website:

    “Anyone, anywhere, can join by making March 8th A Day Without a Woman, in one or all of the following ways:

    Women take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor

    Avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses).

    Wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without A Woman”

    Did you catch the part about taking off the day from both paid and UNPAID labor?

    And what, prey tell, is unpaid labor? Why, it’s taking care of your family.

    Feminism has done everything possible to destroy the family unit. It is becoming uncommon to find a child living with both his mother and father in the same home.

    So schools are closing because women took the day off, so kids get no breakfast or lunch, and feminists are shrieking for women to do no work at home today, so…no dinner for the kiddos either?

    Feminists personified:

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    • In spite of what your detractor says, I have to take the opposing view. Equating feminists with pigs is an insult to pigs. For a long time, at my old residence, I brought veggie treats to the feed store near home that what amounted to a petting zoo. All the animals were happy to see me, the pigs most of all. Their tails would not just wag back and forth like a dog, but, when they were really happy, would go around and around. I can’t ever see feminists being this genuinely happy.

      So you know people that are attending? Faith Goldy, a reporter for a online newscast, took a plane from Toronto to Washing ton for the last one. It was full of pussyhatters. When she got there, room rates had been jacked up to two grand a night, if my memory serves.

      i hope that the event is a big fizzle. That would be an embarrassment to feminists. However, one of the speakers is a woman who served ten years in an Israeli prison for a terrorist act that killed two people. I am prepared to see the worst imaginable.


  2. While I am decidedly not a lazy feminist, and not taking the day off from anything today, I find your tone disturbing. I know a few women who may have a feminist streak, and they are not anything like the women in the picture you chose for this illustration. I will be requesting to unsubscribe, as this is not the kind of faith-based blog I am looking to read. Have a great day. Love God, love one another.


  3. Anna’s husband, Jack Hayford composed this song. If you don’t recognize the name, you might recognize the music.



  4. We have to not give them more then a snide look. These women will never stop, they do this for attention and until the attention stops they will not stop growing. When people start giving women doing the right thing tons of attention, then the tide will change. They are attention whores. No attention and gender equal consequences are all that will stop them.

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    • As of last night, the only news story that i found was of four of them being arrested in New York. The charge was not specified, but it sounds like either blocking the sidewalk or obstructing traffic in front of the Trump Tower.
      You have sound prescription.


  5. I actually support the International Day of the Woman, which I think is a nice nod to the work women do and the contributions women make around the world. I was less excited about the co-opting of a thoughtful day into a “strike/march/don’t do your jobs” day, which wasn’t the original intent at ALL. I’m a public schoolteacher, and considered taking the day off, but didn’t feel it was fair to my students, 99% of which are school-dependent. I’m proud to say we had 100% teacher and staff attendance on March 8.

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    • And I don’t mean to imply that blowing off work was the norm among teachers. A few bad apples can give everyone a bad name, but nearly all the teachers I personally know are caring and hard-working.


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