You’ll NEVER guess which one was the Trump voter

Image source: NPR News

Image source: NPR News

One of these two women is named Jamie Rupert. She and her husband were Obama voters who voted for Trump in this election.  NPR wrote a story about people who had switched from voting Democrat to voting for Trump and Jamie Rupert was one of the people in the story.

The other of these two women is a single mother named Amy Whitenight.  When the NPR story was posted on Facebook, Whitenight left a nasty and personally insulting comment on it directed at Mrs. Rupert, stating the following:

The only good thing about trump getting elected is that idiots like this will get a big kick in the ass. The bad part is that we all have to suffer along with these unintelligent trump supporters.

Can you guess who is who?

Hell, that is a rhetorical question, isn’t it.

No wonder Democrats in particular and the left in general are hemorrhaging support.  Who wants to be associated with these people? No one in their right mind, not even people who consider themselves somewhat liberal.

21 thoughts on “You’ll NEVER guess which one was the Trump voter

  1. This Presidential election has gone further to divide the country than anything since 1860. It is breaking up marriages and families. While the Trump supporters would have taken defeat gracefully, the Hillary supporters are doing the opposite. I get the feeling that they aren’t going to stop until things get very ugly. It is their choice to give in to their intolerance and closed mindedness.
    It is my guess that the more conventional appearing woman is married while the unconventional one is the single mom who wrote the insulting comment.

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    • Which goes to show that when the liberals were “fighting for equality” and people listened and accommodated their requests, they were actually throwing tantrums. Now that it’s them on top and the tides are changing they don’t want to give in. This is a true sign of immaturity, like when a brat of a child is given something because they made the biggest noise and now that it’s being taken back for their own good they don’t understand and throw a fit.

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    • Oh yes it’s the Trump supporters who are so very tolerant, considering Trump is the one with a white supremacist on his cabinet and a long history of hatred towards women and anyone who disagrees with him and calls him out on his non-stop lies.

      When Barack Obama won, a large number of people who did not vote for him were anything but graceful. Remember Donald Trump is the one who made up all the lies about where he was born, and promoted much of the hate and lies about Obama’s background and beliefs.


      • OK, who is the white supremacist in Trump’s cabinet? Evidence, please, or I’m calling BS. (and no, Coretta Scott King’s attack on the FBI, a grand jury, and black complainants–along with Jeff Sessions I guess–doesn’t count)

        One of the reasons I pulled the lever for Trump was that I knew his opponent would keep a real bigot at the head of the Department of Justice.


      • So you’ve never heard of Steve Bannon?

        My issue is not with people not voting for Hillary Clinton, it’s with those who support Trump who has a history of bigotry towards the black community, huge levels of misogyny (including rape accusations he’s settled out of court), and the fact that he lies more than he tells the truth. The guy said we had a 42% murder rate in this country and that it was increasing, which is so completely false on both accounts it’s not even funny. Threaten all you want but most people are just looking for someone who is honest, has some iota of a clue about the Constitution (Republican or Democrat), and doesn’t sh*t all over anyone who disagrees with him.


      • Try again. In the actual evidence Kos gives, it only says that Bannon is against unfettered immigration, and notes (basic supply and demand) that it will lead to lower pay and fewer jobs for the native born.

        Among the native born, of course, are substantial numbers of people of African, Hispanic, and Asian descent. So the connection with white supremacists is tenuous at best.


      • And by the way, you’re not going to find any better evidence of anti-black bigotry on the part of Trump than you’re going to find white supremacist positions by Bannon. And the murder claims? Would it kill you to find a source that isn’t Daily Kot? You mangled that one worse than Trump did.


  2. ROTFLMAO, c’mon girl, one is pleasantly feminine, the other quite frankly isn’t Even us mere males can see that, unpleasantness can be much more than physical, it very definitely goes right to the bone, and I fear, maybe possibly even to the soul itself. I may be a retired scientist, but this choice is not rocket science ;-D

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  3. I live in a diverse place and don’t look at a picture and decide who they voted for, and know firsthand how diverse the population was who voted for Hillary Clinton in comparison to Donald Trump. Why would we want to take a picture and cast judgement?

    It looks like there’s a lot of assholes leaving comments here so I’m no longer going to be following this blog as it seems to have a lot of people promoting hate and making fun of the women in this picture.


      • LOL, actually bear, nobody ever needs a feminist for any thing ever. Hell, as a kid, I actually once went to a consciousness raising in 1966 as a 17 year old optimist at university. We mere curious males were told to sit at the back and shut up, they would do the talking…basically the ugly identical totalitarian behavior of the “Declaration of Sentiments” more than a century before (although of course, as a kid, I did not know that at the time).


    • If you are interested, here is the link to the story on NPR:

      The picture is from the NPR article. You will note that the person who was using profanity, making personal insults, and calling another woman – who was herself a two-time Obama voter- an idiot was the Hillary Clinton supporter. Denying that doesn’t really help the Democrats much. What would help the Democrats would be to fully understand that having someone like Lena Dunham as your spokesperson does not endear you to many sectors of the electorate.

      Don’t get me wrong – I’m no Trump fan girl. I’m a Christian monarchist. Mostly I write about permaculture as it intersects with my faith.

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      • That’s an extremely closed-minded statement to say that Lena Dunham is “our spokesperson”. I like her because she’s a feminist which means she believes that women deserve equal rights to men and should have control over their own bodies, but nobody speaks for me but me. There is an incredibly diverse group of people who represents Democrats and independents and putting one person’s name as a spokesperson is like me saying that Steve Bannon speaks for all of the Republicans. Our country is much more diverse than that and it’s too bad that people don’t want to embrace each other’s differences and support equal rights, and instead choose to try and legislate hate.

        Your blog post could have been about not accepting things at face value but instead it was it clear attempt to demonize one side by the acts of one individual. I come from a family of Republicans and a state that was once led by a great Republican named Tom McCall, but the situation we’re in now is not the same as it used to be and most people will agree with that. You can call out this woman who was making insults and using profanity but you can also go to any Trump rally and see the same thing happening along with Trump telling people to get violent against anybody who disagrees with him even peacefully.


      • EcoFeminist,
        Things could always be worse. My family has been Democrat since Thomas Jefferson ran.


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