Hilarious Christmas feminist bitch-slap contains a serious and stinging rebuke for ugly, miserly feminists.

Some guy called Uncle Hotep, about whom I know nothing at all, tweeted this on Christmas Day:

Uncle Hotep managed to enrage a large (or possibly Extra Large) posse of feminists of every color, creed, and persuasion, but oddly many of them also felt the need to inform him of what great cooks they really are when they aren’t all tied up with the pressures of doin’ their feminism:

Readers are free to speculate as to why feminists felt the need to defend their kitchen skills.  For his part, Uncle  Hotep was having none of it and delivered the most epic of twitter harpy bitch-slaps:


It’s important to note that were just as many women who were like, “Right on, Uncle Hotep!” Are these women all oppressed stay-at-home trad-moms? Probably not. Like most women (including me), they likely have jobs.

What Uncle Hotep has managed to do is expose the true and very ugly face of feminism. Feminism is not about women having access to education and jobs; women had those things prior to modern feminism as a result of increased mechanization of household chores.  What feminism is about is rooted in insatiable envy which manifests itself as ugly miserliness (highlighting mine):

“The real reason feminists are ugly has nothing to do with their physical appearance. Feminists are ugly because they are miserly with love.

[…] I can’t think of any men of my generation or younger who don’t enjoy cooking. This is in stark contrast to the women of the same generations, who (typically) view cooking as an indignity. The reason for the difference in attitude boils down to what cooking is all about. Cooking is an act of love, an act of service to others. It is an opportunity to care for others in a very fundamental way, to literally nourish them through the work of your own hands. This is precisely what troubles the modern woman so much about cooking (or cleaning, or changing diapers). Serving others in the mind of a feminist is an indignity, so cooking, cleaning, or any other act of service and love is the object of revulsion. Women now actually compete to show off their miserliness in caring for others, each trying to outdo the rest in proving they are the greatest scrooge with love. It has gone so far that large numbers of women are quite proud of the fact that they have never learned to cook or otherwise care for others. Their miserliness is a badge of honor. Not all women have adopted this extremely ugly worldview, but the ones who are going against the grain of the culture here understand better than anyone how uncommon their loving and caring attitudes really are today.”

Feminists find the loving service aspect of cooking to be enragingly degrading.  Don’t believe it? Check out a few more tweets to Uncle Hotep:

There are more (many more) tweets of the same flavor. Uncle Hotep has done an outstanding job with one innocuous tweet of exposing the ugly miserliness of feminism.  Normal women with jobs and families definitely don’t want to be associated with such an ugly, hateful ideology that provides them with no benefit.




24 thoughts on “Hilarious Christmas feminist bitch-slap contains a serious and stinging rebuke for ugly, miserly feminists.

  1. Between you and Dalrock, you hit the nail on the head. Feminists make the Grinch look downright generous. We may have had Christmas videos up to our ears, this is for comparison. I don’t think anyone has written a similar ode to feminists.

    Why do feminists come unglued if asked to make a sandwich?

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  2. Yeah, rather nasty and mean spirited, and especially at this time of year. The Sweetie and Kiddo always show up to make the traditional Scottish shortbread cookies with me for the Christmas season. We made maybe five dozen at the end of November…three days and a snowday later complete with tobogganing following hot cocoa with cookies, they and their little friends had eaten half of them ;-D

    So on the following Saturday we made another five dozen. The last cookies were set out on Christmas night. As the Sweetie said to her best girlfriend, “You can’t buy them at the store, you have to make them.” ;-D

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    • No, we ate Christmas Eve dinner at my in-laws and went to Grand Rapids on Christmas day to celebrate Christmas with my family. My only responsibility was to bring a side dish in the crockpot and some homemade Christmas cookies.

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  3. My very pretty, cooking wife of 28 years a while ago was pining for the easy bake oven of her youth. So after months of scouring EBay I foiund a working 1970 s easybake. Wrapped it up and gave it to her for christmas. She cried for days. Her and the kids used it for weeks.
    Now empty nesters we still drag it out at the holidasys as a decoration. She is proud of it as her hubby scoured the world just to find a memory for her.

    Opps. Gotta go. She is working boxing day so im minding the second turkey.

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    • Yeah, I made club house sandwiches for my wife for almost forty five years, despite the reality that I could not eat a raw tomato because of a hives reaction. So do I have a problem with feminist having a problem with making a sammichs… you bet ;-D

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      • My wife has passed, but her impacts really continue. Both of my housekeepers deliberately show up at near noon to have my lunches, they are both widows, and they know and appreciate what a man’s sammich really is.


  4. I do spend a lot of time on youtube and one thing that I saw today was a banner ad for for overseas dating. “Date someone who cares” was the slogan. Feminists have done all too good a job on the reputation of American women.

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