The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

I read once that the tendency to vote is genetic. I’ll blame it on that.  This morning, my husband texted me…


I loved his comment about the shit hitting the fan tomorrow. Somehow I think either way we will all be standing in front of that fan, though.

Phil doesn’t love Trump, but neither does he dislike Trump as much as I do.   What he does love is the Second Amendment, and despite all the other ridiculous things that Trump has claimed he would do if elected (like building an imaginary wall along the Mexican border or being reliably pro life) the only one that I think he actually would do is protect the Second Amendment.  Hence…


Hillary is projected to win easily, so I know my vote was pretty much meaningless. Outside of the Second Amendment, I really can’t stand Trump…and even if he were somehow to win, you must understand that in my political fantasies, the British Navy sails across the seas and reconquers America. Then they get rid of their own horrible democracy, and weird Prince Charles and ugly Camilla are exiled to Scotland where they spend their days drinking that disgusting Laphroaig scotch whiskey, and then lovely Queen Catherine and good King William rule over us with wisdom and gentility and Ye Goode Olden Dayes return.    Or maybe I just read the Chronicles of Narnia one too many times as a child.

Barring that outcome, though, I would at least like to still be able to have access to firearms and ammunition for hunting, recreational target shooting, and personal self defense.  But since we will all most likely be saying “President Clinton” tomorrow morning, I probably won’t even get that, and I’ll just be left with my monarchist fantasies…

15 thoughts on “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

  1. You know how you can know what the right thing to do is but still do the wrong thing? Yeah, it was like that voting for Trump. Intellectually I know voting in this joke of an election is morally wrong, but I did it anyway. I’ll prolly regret it in the morning.


  2. Confession time: The only real reason I went out to the polls tonight to vote was so that I could vote for Dexter Township Supervisor… Harley Rider.

    No really, I am serious; his real true name is Harley Rider. Well, you would vote for him too with that name, wouldn’t you? 😂

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  3. It didn’t turn out the way you expected and Michigan was one of the last states to be tallied. What HHG said in his text I think still holds true. I would recommend that all white people, especially men, keep a low profile for a while. Black Live Matter are going to be angry and feminists will be furious. Feminists haven’t had a defeat like this since the Equal Rights Amendment failed in the seventies. I would suggest that male college students go underground.
    Politically, I hope this breaks the back of feminist advocates. In all elections since Bill Clinton’s in 1996, they have carried.


    • I actually think that Trump might surprise us on this one. He could meet with BLM leaders, note “H*ll yeah” when asked if he thinks that black lives matter, and simply note that the biggest question is what the most effective ways are to act on that principle.

      Go underground? Nah. Just live our lives so that for anyone not totally isolated from reality, the falsehood of the progressive narrative will be evident.


      • My suggestion about “going underground” was only for the immediate future. Last that I heard, demonstrations are turning into riots in cities. Men on campus would be especially vulnerable due to the high density of radical feminists.


      • Well said, Fuzzie. Part of me simply wants to say that the leftist rioters need to learn what the business end of a billy club feels like so they can grow up a bit. And if that doesn’t get through, taser, tear gas, or even .40 S&W. I am tired of paying the bills for little crybabies who think the public doesn’t mind sacrificing millions of dollars for their little tantrums.

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    • fuzziewuzziebear on November 11, 2016 at 3:25 am said:

      My suggestion about “going underground” was only for the immediate future. Last that I heard, demonstrations are turning into riots in cities. Men on campus would be especially vulnerable due to the high density of radical feminists.

      … and because most “men” on campus wouldn’t do anything but grab their phones and post to facebook about how “someone is hitting me oh no I’m gonna need an ambulance YOU DON’T HAVE PERMISSION TO TOUCH ME WAHHHAAAAHHHHHHH MOMMMMMMEEEEE HELLLLLP!!!!”


      • Nightsky,
        It is that she can say anything and be believed and he can’t say anything and be accepted. They are abusing this disparity to death and it is not just the stuff you hear about.


  4. I’m just now seeing this and find it very interesting. With such undesirable candidates this year, many (many!) people held their noses and voted for the lesser evil. In hindsight we now know that the experts were wrong about which direction the undecideds would go. Fascinating. Let’s all hope for the best!

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