I’d rather deal with goose shit than read one more thing about Hillary’s dumps and Donald’s pussies.

Fall is really here, and last night’s dew…image

…is predicted to be frost tonight.

I live in a town that is relatively well-educated and politically active. I think in general it probably is a pretty center of the political spectrum place, with some liberal and some conservative folks. But what struck me driving home from work today was that, although there are plenty of yard signs in support of various school board candidates, county commissioner candidates, and even a few state politicians, there are virtually no yard signs for either presidential candidate.  This is because normal people, whether they be conservative or liberal, are simply apalled by the choices.   Never has the evil of our political system, or the complicity of our media, been laid so bare before our eyes.

In a word, everyone is grossed out.

We must withdraw our support from this evil system and these evil people. Whatever our political beliefs, we need to come together as communities and reclaim our humanity.  We are not just production units that “vote”.

People, not politics, are what matters.

Which is my fancy way of saying fuck this shit.

I mean really. Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump?

Again I say: fuck this shit!

And if you know me, you know I don’t use language like that lightly or often.

People, we are being had. I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, whatever. We are being had.  We are being used as economic pawns. These people will never care about us or be loyal to us. So why be loyal to them?

Vote for school board if you want. Vote for county commissioner if you’d like.  Those are your people, the people who share the same soil as you. That is loyalty.

As for me,  I will just be here counting my chicken and duck eggs.


And making mock apple pies out of zucchinis.


And enjoying watching the ladies hunt for bugs in the autumn sunshine.


And going to homecoming parades…


And learning how to prepare duck.


Eating animals I raised myself is a new experience for me.

But I promise you that gutting poultry is a darn sight less revolting than reading the headlines on CNN-Fox-NPR-etc.

5 thoughts on “I’d rather deal with goose shit than read one more thing about Hillary’s dumps and Donald’s pussies.

  1. I guess it takes a lot of counselling to prepare a duck for that delicious fate? Even after group chats, I guess that some still quack under the pressure? Looks promising in your picture. I like a nice cassoulet, personally. Or shredded duck with hoisin (plum) sauce in Chinese pancakes…mmm

    Thanks for tipping me off that courgettes can be made useful outside of camouflaged ammo for potato cannon variants. Although famed for my ambivalence (at best) towards them, even I might be tempted to try mock apple pie with ‘zucchini’ (our name is better BTW)

    Be strong through the remaining month, mon brave. Chin up.

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    • Spawny survived Brexit, but barely. He may still be recovering.
      For me, it looks like this election is going to get much dirtier going into the home stretch.
      You made me remember something. There was a measure on the ballot to incorporate an essentiallt rural area into a city. It would have been a disaster and it was before 2008. The lady who rented the pasture put up a huge banner promoting it when most of the residents and all of the businsses were against it. It as a very hot button issue and I didn’t want passers by to assume we were in favor. I took it down. Her response. “This is enddorsed by our Congressman”.My response, knowing him and where he lived was that he didn’t live there and we did.” Bad overreaching horse lady! Tmeasure didn’t carry nd would have been a disaster in the wake of the recession of 2008.

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  2. It is hard for me to resist the temptation to pray imprecatory prayers on both Drumpf and Hilliary–that their campaign planes would crash into one another or something. I try to hold myself to praying for their repentance and salvation, and the same for the President. But that said, it’s hard, because as much as I’d love to be able to ignore DC, it seems to come to harass all of us like a corrupt real estate developer.

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  3. For anyone who cares about their children’s children, it might be wise to give a sh*t about who gets to appoint the next few Supreme Court Justices. Even if you don’t give a sh*t about any other issue.

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