Our duck and goose house and yard setup.

We’re getting lots of nice starter-sized duck eggs now, despite the shortening days:image

We also got our first goose egg:


Ducks and geese don’t need nesting boxes like chickens do. They’ll just dig a little depression in the straw in the corner of their house.  I suspect some of them are also laying their eggs in the reeds around the pond, though I haven’t yet found any.

I thought it might interest some readers to see our current duck and goose yard setup.

In the middle of the yard is a hugelkultur herb and vegetable bed around which I’m slowly building a lashed fence made from tree branches I harvest from our woodlands:


Spent straw bedding is used for mulch in the garden bed.

We had grand duck house dreams but ran out of time and had to settle for repurposing a Rubbermaid storage shed for now:


We removed the plastic windows and replaced them with hardware cloth. A bungee-corded fan helps with ventilation.


The rabbit hutch is also in the duck yard:


The duck yard is not covered, but does have an 8-foot fence around it. The bottom four feet are hardware cloth to prevent raccoons from reaching through and grabbing sleeping ducks.


There is a semi-dwarf peach tree that provides shade and fallen fruit for the ducks and geese. In turn, their droppings fertilize the tree.


We took a second piece of hardware cloth and attached it to the bottom  of the fence and made a skirt on the ground that extends out several feet. We then let the grass grow up through that hardware cloth skirt. This discourages digging predators from getting into the duckyard..


We also strung two strands of hot wire, one at four feet and one at the top to discourage climbing predators:


We have a large earthen pond…image

…directly behind the duck yard:


Uncle Waldo, our Pilgrim gander

The duck eggs we are currently getting are about the size of a large chicken egg:


Three brown chicken eggs and one white duck egg

I was uncertain about how cooking duck eggs might be different, so I followed Carol Deppe’s directions:

I use a heavy pan, which is covered and off the heat for the last part of the cooking. I scramble the eggs, adding a little salt, cayenne pepper, and oregano. (You can add milk if you want. I don’t.) I start the cooking on medium-high and stir the eggs with a spatula a few times initially until they start chunking up. When I have mostly big chunks of egg dispersed in some remaining liquidy egg, I turn the heat to medium-low, cover the pan, and cook 2–3 minutes—until the eggs are lightly brown on the bottom. Then I use a spatula to turn the eggs over in spatula-sized sections, then cover the pan, remove it from the heat, and leave it for 3–5 minutes to finish cooking the other side of the eggs. I end up with sort of hamburger-patty-like slabs of eggs. These make great leftovers, hot or cold, and make good sandwiches or finger food.

I started with two duck eggs:image

Added the seasonings:


The whites are thicker and stickier than chicken eggs

And used my trusty cast iron skillet that we’ve had for 25 years:


Served on a slice of fresh sourdough bread with a few remaining cherry tomatoes from the pot on the balcony:


The duck eggs tasted richer and did not have that “chickeny” flavor. Yummy!


I’d rather deal with goose shit than read one more thing about Hillary’s dumps and Donald’s pussies.

Fall is really here, and last night’s dew…image

…is predicted to be frost tonight.

I live in a town that is relatively well-educated and politically active. I think in general it probably is a pretty center of the political spectrum place, with some liberal and some conservative folks. But what struck me driving home from work today was that, although there are plenty of yard signs in support of various school board candidates, county commissioner candidates, and even a few state politicians, there are virtually no yard signs for either presidential candidate.  This is because normal people, whether they be conservative or liberal, are simply apalled by the choices.   Never has the evil of our political system, or the complicity of our media, been laid so bare before our eyes.

In a word, everyone is grossed out.

We must withdraw our support from this evil system and these evil people. Whatever our political beliefs, we need to come together as communities and reclaim our humanity.  We are not just production units that “vote”.

People, not politics, are what matters.

Which is my fancy way of saying fuck this shit.

I mean really. Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump?

Again I say: fuck this shit!

And if you know me, you know I don’t use language like that lightly or often.

People, we are being had. I don’t care if you’re gay, straight, Christian, Muslim, whatever. We are being had.  We are being used as economic pawns. These people will never care about us or be loyal to us. So why be loyal to them?

Vote for school board if you want. Vote for county commissioner if you’d like.  Those are your people, the people who share the same soil as you. That is loyalty.

As for me,  I will just be here counting my chicken and duck eggs.


And making mock apple pies out of zucchinis.


And enjoying watching the ladies hunt for bugs in the autumn sunshine.


And going to homecoming parades…


And learning how to prepare duck.


Eating animals I raised myself is a new experience for me.

But I promise you that gutting poultry is a darn sight less revolting than reading the headlines on CNN-Fox-NPR-etc.

Feminist Fact Or Crap: “We Wuz Housewivz” edition

It’s time to play everyone’s second-favorite game, “Feminist Fact or Crap” (with everyone’s first favorite game of course being How Many Ways Can Feminists Use Images of Their Vaginas and Call It “Art”?)!
Farm Boy quotes Megan Rivera:

Plenty of “modern women” who are into equality with their partners enjoy cleaning and making their home look beautiful. Plenty of modern women who are Feminists enjoy decorating and cooking. Feminism isn’t about demeaning women for being femme, a huge focus of feminism is making sure people have the ability to choose how to live their own lives without harsh judgements of the outside world, and would never dream of looking down on a woman who was a mother, homemaker, domestic, whatever. There are a LOT of women who are Feminists and homemakers, and posts like this and the comments afterward make me feel sad because so many people have a deep, fundamental misunderstanding about what Feminism is and looks like and how Feminists operate. For that I’m truly sorry.

Just as No True Scotsman would ever…so apparently No True Feminist would ever bad-mouth traditionally feminine women or housewives.

Is this claim Fact or Crap?

Let’s go right to the horses’ mouths, shall we? Without further ado, the founding females of modern feminism:

[Housewives] are mindless and thing-hungry…not people. – Betty Friedan

Housewives are dependent creatures who are still children…parasites.” – Gloria Steinem
“No woman should be authorized to stay at home and raise her children. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.” – Simone deBeauvoir

Oh dear! It turns out Ms. Rivera’s claim is in fact…


Just like all of feminism is crap.

Women didn’t need feminism in order to work outside the home. Women have always been able to work outside the home.  I work outside the home, and I loathe feminism.

Feminism is NOT about giving women “choices”. Feminism is about the destruction of femininity, the enslavement of women to corporate masters, the sexual degradation of women, and the destruction of family bonds.  Women are objectively worse off now than pre-feminism.



Ladies, don’t fall for the lie that you owe feminism anything just because you have a job. You don’t.   And definitely don’t believe that feminism supports (or ever supported) women who are housewives.

That is utter crap.