RIP Buckwheat

I was sad to read that Buckwheat Zydeco died yesterday at age 68.

I have a lovely memory of dancing with my husband one hot August night in 1991 at the Frog Island Music Festival to Buckwheat Zydeco singing Jolie Blon with Terrence Simien and his band, one of those flashbulb memories that you can actually feel, where you are young and newly in love and the music just washes over you in waves of pure joy…

5 thoughts on “RIP Buckwheat

  1. Yeah, we never ran into zydeco, but my wife discovered polka in the west. She always melted to waltz with me, but she knew that I actually enjoyed the faster control movement of the polka…zydeco would have also worked with both of us ;-D


  2. Seeing the headline on the post, my first thought was of the Little Rascals character. I have to admit that I have spead a false story about his death. It was something someone said to me with conviction. That, in later life he became a pilot, and lost his life in a crash bringing in relief supplies to Biafra in the seventies. Heroic, but not true. I looked him up and he died of natural causes at home. Maybe the moral is, that when people make up stories about you, they are not always bad.


  3. I had a similar reaction. I remember a fun hot summer night in Tampa, thirty years ago, and especially the moment when he put the mic in front of me (and others) and let me bellow out “hi ho silver” during Honey Hush. Feel good music for sure. RIP Buckwheat.


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