The eggs are here!

I forgot to mention the good news! One of our pullets has come into lay!


The first lovely brown egg arrived last week.

I wasn’t actually expecting to get any chicken eggs this year. It’s early for that pullet to have come into lay;  she is four and a half months old, and they often don’t start laying until five to six months. Our nine hens will all be old enough by about the end of October, but we don’t have any artificial lighting in the coop, so their egg production will slow down and stop just about as soon as it gets going, due to the shortening days.  Hens generally need 14 to 16 hours of daylight per day in order to stimulate egg laying.


Sunday brunch this week was fried egg sandwiches made with our own eggs!

With as insane as the news has been lately, all I want to do is celebrate the little joys, like fresh home grown eggs.


5 thoughts on “The eggs are here!

  1. My type of blogging has generally been as an essayist, but I simply cannot compose essays on my phone. However, I can give little farm updates here and there, with a few lines of social commentary and politics thrown in for good measure. I don’t know who might be interested in reading that, but I will try to be a little more regular about posting those types of posts anyhow!


    • I do miss the old blog but, I know what it is like to endure radio silence. The short posts about life on the homestead are cheerful. No complaints her.

      Just a thought. What will you do when the weather turns harsh? Will you move the menangerie into the garage?


    • LOL, I still laugh remembering the kids excitedly walking over to our neighbors to pick up eggs from her Araucana chickens…so they could enjoy “green eggs and ham” for brunch, good times ;-D

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  2. I went to grade school once next to a small farm. Right up against the school fence is where they had all their little ducklings housed. Fond memories of watching them grow from little balls of fuzz into mature ducks. You are creating great memories for your family.

    I echo fuzzie’s comments. But can you compose essays on your computer and then transfer them to your phone with a connector cord? Just in case you hadn’t thought of that.

    Daughter is in third year of speech program now. Was selected to participate in a research helper program for this year (as a regular class), but had also volunteered last year (and again this year) to assist another professor in their lab work. Right now focusing on family gene sequences, to identify those genes associated with autism (matching against a gene template for autism that the professor has). Quite busy and already telling me things that I don’t know. Quite the switch in our relationship, but something expected, hoped for, and something I cherish. Good to hear that you and yours are doing well.

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  3. Sorry to comment in the wrong place, but it strikes me that the reason we’re funding Israel’s military is first of all as a bonus to U.S. arms manufacturers, and second of all because we’re simultaneously providing a lot of arms and foreign aid to Israel’s enemies, including something like half a billion bucks per year to the PLO. Yes, we have historically also funded terrorists, believe it or not.

    If you would infer that we could save a lot more than $38 billion over ten years if we stopped arming both sides, you would have my agreement. There is even a large faction in Israel that favors this, most notably their own native arms industry.

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