The most interesting thing to me about Brexit.

I stand by my assertion that the EU will not allow great Britain to depart so easily. Consider (from CNN Money): will be at least three months before formal talks on the future relationship with the EU can begin […] It will take at least two years for a British exit (Brexit) to be negotiated.

However, I stand corrected that the vote would even be allowed to proceed fairly at all. I expected full scale voter fraud funded by George Soros, but I was proven wrong about that. Nevertheless, voting to leave doesn’t actually mean you’ve left. Let’s see how many years this will drag out.

In all the elation over the vote to leave, this is what I think is the most interesting thing that I have read yet about the Bexit repercussions:

Northern Ireland’s strong Remain vote led Sinn Fein chairman Declan Kearney to call for a referendum on unification with Ireland, an EU member country. Sinn Fein is the largest Irish nationalist party in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister, nationalist Martin McGuinness, said holding such a vote is “a democratic imperative.”

Pro-British First Minister Arlene Foster, meanwhile, said there was “no way” such a vote would result in a united Ireland.

Scotland, too, may be eyeing a split with the U.K. — again. A 2014 referendum on Scottish independence resulted in the country remaining within the United Kingdom.

But now that the U.K. will be leaving the EU, a second referendum may be in the works. Scotland’s voters preferred “Remain” over “Leave,” by 62 percent to 38 percent.

The idea of Irish reunification is fascinating. Who would ever have imagined Great Britain breaking apart along ethnic lines? Of course, that would leave a large number of non-Europeans living in countries that have broken apart along historic ethnic lines. Those people, the so-called “migrants,” came to Britain mostly due to the welfare benefits, not due to any love for ethnic Scots, Irishmen, or Englishmen or British culture and traditions. One wonders: will they repatriate themselves?

12 thoughts on “The most interesting thing to me about Brexit.

  1. If Northern Ireland leaves the UK (and I have no strong views either way), their economy will crash through the floor. Because their economy is unusually strongly based on the state sector…the UK state sector.

    During the interview, the Tory leader agreed that he had said in some parts of the UK the “state accounts for a bigger share of the economy than it did in the communist countries of the old eastern bloc – it is clearly unsustainable”.

    Now I fully understand that hearts are involved here, not just heads. I’m just pointing out a fly in the ointment. I’m not doing a ProjectFear, I was and am a strong Brexiteer. We know ProjectFear, it was used on us. It very nearly worked.

    As with many of my fellow countrymen, we wish the Irish, north and south, peace above all. I don’t know what historical baggage other people are hauling, but the average Englishman isn’t. I’m utterly uninterested in a flame war, I’m just giving a more local opinion as objectively as I can.

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    • I’ve just finished listening to an interview with a local professor on Michigan Public Radio who is from Scotland. He was explaining how Ireland and Scotland have been spending a number of years cultivating relationships within the EU and there are a great number of resources that flow from Brussels to those places. Do you think that will effect the likelihood of Scotland and/or Ireland departing?

      Oh, and congratulations, by the way!

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      • a) thank you very much. I guess that I used insufficient guile to cover my current happy state.

        b) the UK was (is) a nett contributor to the EU. The EU returns some of our money back to the UK regions with the requirement that the munificent EU is given all the glory.

        It’s a totalitarian approach to taking over

        A popular slogan of the Italian Fascists under Mussolini was, “Tutto nello Stato, niente al di fuori dello Stato, nulla contro lo Stato” (everything for the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state).

        How very EU. The EU has been picking our pocket with one hand and ‘generously’ giving us some of it back with the other.

        We can (we should definitely consider) just replacing the ‘EU’ funds (indirectly from us) with UK direct funds. At least for a transitionary period. These ideas are being spoken of.

        p.s. Bonus picture round

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  2. Oh and the feeling all across the UK media is that we are leaving. The voices from the EU are they are leaving, get on with it. The media are rather unhappy, but they’ve got beyond the bargaining stage of the grieving process for the ‘glorious’ EU dream that they overwhelmingly bought into.


  3. At the bottom of it, representative government has been brought back. Nobody got to vote for their Member of the European Parliament and that is is fundamental. These people were not answerable.


  4. While the vote to leave the EU may be politically binding, it is not legally binding. There is nothing in what the folks just voted for that requires the British government to do anything. And Prime Minister David Cameron has said he will let his successor deal with invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon that will get the separation ball rolling. So SSM probably is on to something here. If Scotland and Northern Ireland make serious moves to separate from Great Britain, so that they can stay in the EU, that could be the justification for the next PM to call for another vote on the issue – which will be his right to do. “Gotta keep the Empire together, you know. If it takes another vote to keep the Empire in the EU, so be it.” Many miles to go before this one sleeps.


    • I agree. I was actually rather surprised that the result was taken as a clear ‘out’ by everyone here in the UK and EU. The Irish Republic was told to have another go when they gave an inconvenient poll result. (Other examples of bypassing ‘poor quality’ results exist)

      My only theory so far is that the EU reckons that it can’t shut us up, we are a constant (ineffective) thorn in their side (that gives them badfeelz and encourages the other kids)…and they’d prefer that we either STFU or left. Also, the Remainiacs spent much time pushing the ProjectFear line that a vote ‘out’ was unmistakeably a vote for ‘out’ and ‘out’ would happen so vote in.

      “Many miles to go before this one sleeps.”
      Oh yes indeedy. I agree with what you wrote.

      Over the course of yesterday we had the media developing a preferred MSM narrative (stoopid old white stupid uneducated old stupid cyrpto-nazi little-englanders voted cruelly to steal the future of their good-think young pioneer true believer kidz…because? bwahaha and…reasons. ‘Nazis gonna nazi’? *shrug*). once it becomes settled I may blog about it.


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