Gamera’s downfall. Plus a Tomahawk trap review


Gamera’s love of fresh fish has led to his downfall.

We bought a made-in-the-USA Tomahawk turtle trap which can be used for trapping turtles up to 100 pounds.


We ordered online directly from the company and the cost was around $150 including shipping. It arrived within a few days and included a booklet that was part catalogue and part how-to manual explaining what kinds of bait to use, trap placement and so on.

Phil baited the trap with fish, secured it to the trunk of a river willow on the bank, and submerged the trap leaving one edge above water so the captured turtle wouldn’t drown if he was trapped in the middle of the night.


He then set out in the boat looking for the snapper to see if he could shepherd him toward the trap.

The turkeys, who delight in harassing Uncle Waldo, the duck-n-geese flock alpha, through the duck yard fence…


“Hey, are you talkin’ to me?”

…took a break from the thug life to survey Phil’s activities from the shade of a bench near the pond bank.


“It’s not a gang, it’s a club!”

Lo and behold, fifteen minutes later, look who dropped by with a hankering for fish!


Look at that sharp beak:


And claws:


Since no one here expressed an interest in eating him (thank goodness, since the task of figuring out how to cook him would’ve fallen to me), he was released into the swampy lake near Phil’s aunt’s house just down the road.

Sayonara, snapper!

Which meant it was finally Duck Liberation Day!


The flock was duly released onto the pond. They were very hesitant but eventually made it in, though they stayed very close to shore.


Our review of the Tomahawk trap is a positive one. The company delivered the item ordered quickly and it worked well. Our only complaint is that there is not a separate compartment to put the bait in, but we put it in a mesh bag in the back of the trap, and that worked ok.

5 thoughts on “Gamera’s downfall. Plus a Tomahawk trap review

  1. Ha ha. “Sayonara, snapper”

    Also, I like Gamera, he was cool. I remember the two tiny Japanese girls calling him from his home: “Gameraaaaa. Gameraaaa. Gameraaaa.”. I forget which Godzilla that was in, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Splashdown, with a quack quack here and a quack quack there. Cause you don’t say no to the Tommyhawk.

    One of these millennia I hope to warm up to reptiles. Maybe next time.

    Liked by 1 person

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