Still here with the turkeys

Hello, gentle reader!image

Unlike some lucky folks (I’m looking at you, Kate),  I am not yet on summer vacation. Which means I am tending to the needs of 13 ducks, two geese, four turkeys, nine chickens, two dogs, a pond full of fish, the kids (who are involved in 9 million activities and constantly needing to be picked up from horseback riding lessons or driven to swim practice or taken to drivers ed – thank goodness for that last one!), 50+ kids on my caseload at work….well, you get the picture!image

The ducks helpfully ate my entire garden, so I haven’t had to do any weeding or watering of that, but due to the little drought we are having in Michigan, I have been hauling water to all the trees I planted this spring: 100 new Douglas fir trees, 25 baby sugar maples, a cherry tree, two almond trees, many blueberry bushes, a serviceberry tree, etc. etc. etc.


So I cannot yet return to blogging. But I can post gratuitous cute pictures of our future Thanksgiving dinner!

Hope you have all been well.


6 thoughts on “Still here with the turkeys

  1. You were missed. At a guess, the animals need less of your time than running the kids around.
    Speaking of running around, remind me to stay away from town.

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      • Lacy Just Saying,
        If it gets to be too much, I can go swimming. It is good to hear from you. I thought you gone forever. That was a sad thought.


      • Fuzzie,

        I love Fall weather, my favorite time to go for long walks. I am doing okay, some days better than others. Losing someone is never easy. Enjoy swimming this Summer.

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      • Lady Just Saying,
        That does sound familiar. Think of me when you go swimming and I’ll do as much for you. Stay cool.


  2. OMG, I haven’t even done hair and makeup today! Look away, I’m hideous 🙂

    Now I recall our schedules are a week apart. Much strength for the final push!

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