Ducklings’ first swim

Last Friday the baby ducklings and goslings had their first swimmy bath. It was as cute and hilarious as you might imagine.

They are growing so fast that this week they are too big for that little plastic container. My husband fenced off our back balcony with chicken wire and I washed out an old turtle sandbox, put it out there, and filled it with a few inches of water to let the duckies and goslings have a bigger swimming pool.  They were thrilled, but I couldn’t get any video because I kind of had my hands full with them.


One thing it is important to note if you want to get ducklings is that they need an unmedicated feed, so don’t feed them medicated chick starter. We are currently feeding Purina mixed flock starter and supplementing their niacin by dissolving tablets in their water and adding brewers yeast to their feed. If you don’t give them enough niacin, their legs will be bowed.

14 thoughts on “Ducklings’ first swim

  1. They also love love love herbs. I go out to my herb garden almost every day and cut and finely chop all different herbs for them and sprinkle them on their waterers. Their favorite is chives, but herbs in the onion family aren’t that good for birds, so I only feed that to them sparingly. They also like marjoram, cilantro, and sorrel.

    They now adore me and run to me cheeping loudly whenever I come out into the garage because they expect treats. It’s very very cute.

    Finely chopped herbs can be given with plenty of fresh water and finely ground chick grit by the time the ducklings are only a few days old. Start with a small amount once a day, and then increase the amount and frequency that you give them. In addition to being tasty, herbs supply nutrients that ducks need and also have health benefits for them. Herbs can help prevent disease and parasites for instance.

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  2. On their behalf, let me tell you that are thinking , “Happy, happy, water, bathing, thank you, thank you, happy, water, bathing!”


    • Kingdom’s coming. There will be a lot of phenomena like this, as King Jeshua heals the planet. Far more fantastic things, even, as the animals and plants respond to the irresistible effects of Christ’s presence and spirit.

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  3. Like visiting relatives at five — all of us trying to get in the backyard plastic pool at once.

    I had lots of fun with the quackers and geese this year. Praise God. When I show waterside, Mr and Mrs Mallard often wing in, then climb the bank for their crackers. Same couple every time, I guess they decided that I’m Applebees. . . on approach they look down and see a giant cracker, with legs. ‘Oh look!’ they go ‘he’s open.’ :O)


  4. It’s completely off topic but, look at what I stumbled across watching history videos on youtube. You only have to go less than two minutes in. It’s among the Merovigians.


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