No-mess duckling waterer

In lieu of an actual post, please accept this two-minute video taken on my phone this evening of our new baby ducklings and goslings and our no-mess watering method.

Real posts coming soon (I hope!).

6 thoughts on “No-mess duckling waterer

  1. Geez! I wish I had found this a few weeks ago before my daughters duck got so big. Oh well, I think she is going to get another, and this will be useful! Tell your husband I said ‘Thanks’!

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  2. Those little ducks have to be so frustrated in that they cannot make a mess. “We live to play in water!” “If you don’t believe us, ask the bear!””Cheep, cheep, QUACK!”

    Bears like to play in water too but, it might be a good idea if the bears and ducks played at different times.

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