Live by the SJW sword, die by the SJW sword? Maybe, but democracy is still a lie.

Over my years as an employee at various places, I have on occasion heard one colleague or another (male AND female) make the odd inappropriate comment or off-color joke.  I even had (a long time ago) a supervisor make a very clumsy attempt at flirting which included a wildly inappropriate sexual innuendo, which I laughed off.  Because humans are sexual creatures, once in a while that subject is going to come up, perhaps as a joke, in the work place.  Of course, it’s better if you don’t joke about sex at work, but it happens and as long as it’s not too egregious or a regular habit, I think we can probably all just let it slide, don’t you?

That is why I rolled my eyes so hard a few years ago when a tech writer named Adria Richards instigated Donglegate, so named because she took her seat at a tech conference in front of two guys who made a couple of quiet (and frankly rather tame) jokes to each other about the word “dongle”.  She had some big social media bitch fit about it, tweeted the guys’ pictures, and claimed they were making tech hostile to women or some crap like that.  The situation was discussed widely – you’ve probably heard of it.  One of the two men – a father with small children – was actually fired from his job over this mild incident.

Adria Richards is a typical example of someone who is a Social Justice Warrior.  They don’t just adhere to the day’s liberal party line, they enforce it on everyone around them in all situations by going after the livelihoods of anyone who violates their espoused narrative in even the most minor way.

And they don’t just go after the person’s livelihood.  They go after their ability to have any future livelihood by going on a social media scorched earth campaign against the person and permanently ruining their reputation. Sometimes it’s for minor jokes and sometimes it’s for having conservative political beliefs.

Even so, when I first saw this, I cringed a bit:

The Social Justice Warrior List

“Oh no, that’s their tactics!”  I thought.

But then the more I thought about it, the more I thought, “Well, why not?”  The people on the list presumably lived by the metaphorical SJW sword and should not be surprised that it cuts both ways.  It still feels like pig wrestling to me, but maybe there is value in it.

Or maybe there isn’t because the narrative of the people on that list is the dominant one.  Each one of them is a person who has tried to get another person fired for being too (identity politics adjective here) and/or having the “wrong” political beliefs.  Because left liberals are the ones in power, it seems like maybe being on the list would almost be a badge of honor, right?  And though it may be tongue-in-cheek, the main page even states the objective as being:

The purpose of the catalog is to help SJW-converged organizations locate and identify Social Justice Warriors they wish to hire or otherwise support.

This highlights the lie that democracy can work.  It just can’t.  A two-party system with universal suffrage is just a propped-up illusion of power-sharing; in reality we can see that EITHER you enthusiastically and loudly support The Current Year’s agenda OR you are unemployable and socially shunned.  At any time, someone has total political authority and if you want to have a job, you’d better figure out who it is and parrot their beliefs back to them loudly and obsequiously…

Call me crazy but I think I’d rather have an actual king.

Donald Trump, a moderately right liberal, has demonstrated this quite clearly.  People who support him (of which I am not one) are held up as literal Nazis; pictures of attendees at his political rallies are posted online inviting others to identify them and contact their employers.  There is no “two party” system.  You are either acceptably liberal or you aren’t.  It is a one party system; the left liberals exercise power by pretending they embrace freedom and eschew authority while the “conservatives” are a laughably impotent non-movement who suck up the left liberals’ left-over political dregs from last year and call it an agenda:

7 thoughts on “Live by the SJW sword, die by the SJW sword? Maybe, but democracy is still a lie.

  1. A Voice for Men had something similar but took it down. Perhaps it was too political. The most common description was “bigot”. As long as these people print the truth, it is not libel or slander.A registry would be a good thing. Most of these people are a lawsuit or accident waiting to happen.

    About Adria Richards, She was fired the next day. For all I know, she hasn’t worked since.


  2. The people on the list are supposed to be limited to SJWs who have gotten someone fired from his or her job because of WrongThink. As I understand it, the list is only supposed to document that the individual performed those specific actions. To that extent, it shouldn’t be libelous, right?


    • Yes. And there has been a long series of comments at Vox about certain cases. What goes up is the documentation that they did no platform or agitate for someone to be fired, or incited violence against them.

      And that’s it. The genesis of this is those who threw the toys out of the cot because Yarvin (Moldbug) got to give peer reviewed talk about software engineering.


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