Loving your oppressor. With chalk.

It’s the liberal way:


Screenshot of sidebar articles from MLive this morning

The order in which those articles were published on MLive was:

#HonkForHappiness. #NoHate. “Have fun, pizza rules.”

On Friday, April 1, Ann Arbor Open students, chalk in hand, spread messages of love, peace and unity—and pizza—on the sidewalks outside of their school, 920 Miller Ave.

The words and peace signs are in response to a chalking on the University of Michigan Diag Wednesday, March 30. Someone had written #StopIslam and Trump 2016, causing a response from university officials and backlash on social media.

“This is an opportunity to spread love and peace, even with small actions like this,” said Open Principal Meg Fenech. “We can combat hate. Even a kindergartner speaking your thoughts of unity and togetherness, that’s important.”

Oh well.  It’s too dangerous to go on vacation because of They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, but don’t be sad, kiddos.  You can still walk around Ann Arbor and do some chalking for spring break, along with a heavy dose of SJW virtue-signalling, and isn’t that just as fun as touring Europe?  Sure it is!

No word yet on whether the fearsome love attack by chalking kindergartners led by their #sobrave principal has defeated ISIS, but as Mark Zuckerberg has explained to skeptics such as myself, it is only a matter of time and love.  And more chalk.  Lots and lots of chalk.


10 thoughts on “Loving your oppressor. With chalk.

    • Oh my no, chalk is well-known for its ability to repel bomb blasts and blunt throat-slitting blades, yet unlike those nasty, nasty firearms in your safe, chalk has no dangerous side effects! It’s all the self-defense an average American needs, Brother. The second Amendment can surely be amended thus:
      “A well regulated SJW Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear chalk, shall not be infringed.”

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  1. For those readers wondering what this is all about…
    The reason the school children were out chalking with their liberal idiot principal when they should have been in class learning how to read and write is because they were responding to an incident in which some nefarious totalitarian chalked “Trump 2016” and “Stop Islam” on the University of Michigan diag. And if there is ONE thing that never ever happens on the U of M diag, it is the chalking of political opinions. Clearly this was a plot by literal Nazis. lulz

    But seriously, chalking “stop Islam” was sort of stupid. You can (try to) stop terrorism. You can stop immigration. You can’t, however, “stop” Islam or any other religion, so the chalking was stupid, made no sense, and thus one might reasonably suspect a SJW or identity-victim hate hoax in progress here, given the stupidity level demonstrated. On the outside chance that it really was a Trump-supporter who wrote it…well, all I can say is, “Don’t look at me. I’m not voting for Trump.” (The fact that I’m not voting at all is beside the point.)

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  2. It is hard to believe that they would go crazy over “Trump 2016”. I guess that tells us how intolerant and immature they are.
    I have to wonder how they would handle this misinterpretation of the Second Amendment?

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  3. As a counterpoint to this post, I did see something encouraging yesterday on youtube. Anm Coulter was being interviewd about her recent book about immigration. She sid that American men were very good and that they are not beig treated well.
    Someone who is not from this little corner has learnt something. I checked a thumbnail bio on her. While she has never married, she does have two brothers. Perhaps one has been put through the wringer.

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  4. Commenter Yoda linked this over at my stomping grounds. I think the chalkers are going over the top because the Nervous Nellies are protesting too much.

    The joke is now on the SJWs.


  5. Heh. While I get your point, you could just as easily write it in reverse:

    Blackboards are black empowerment because black is considered the default color and white is the aberration. Blackboards represent the supreme universality of blackness against which whiteness intrudes. A clean (pure) blackboard has naught but a dusting of the problematic whiteness on it. Whiteboards are inherently racist because whiteness is the default backdrop for which all other colors are contrasted against. Colors that are marketed on how easy they are to erase, how easy they are to marginalize. Therefore, all whiteboards should be replaced with blackboards.

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  6. Dang. Not long ago I was lamenting the fact that I didn’t invest all my money with Glock, Ruger, or Smith & Wesson right after King Putt was elected… but now I’m thinking maybe I should have invested all my money in chalk, as sales are set to skyrocket. (The inconvenient truth that I don’t have any money to invest is irrelevant.)

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