Early morning phantom in the woods.

I woke up just before dawn and got up to take the dogs out.  The 6:00 a.m. air was frosty and clear this morning, the woods very still and silent.  Suddenly a man’s voice began to speak in the woods just off the driveway, causing me to startle and sending the dogs into paroxysms of howling; luckily I had leashed them so as to avoid an early morning deer-chase, or they would have lunged into the dark woods in search of the intruder.

Only it wasn’t an intruder.  Sound carries a long way out hear, and the land is hilly, causing voices to bounce around the woods disconcertingly, especially when the leaves are off the trees.  It was only our nearest neighbor standing by his out building, probably talking on his phone, but his voice carried up the hill and through the woods and made it sound like he was standing just off our driveway.

Whereas I could understand this, the dogs could not, and even after we went back inside, every little creak of the floorboard or twig snap that they could detect outside, but which I could not hear, sent them into renewed fits of vigorous five-alarm barking, waking the household in the process.

Ah well, at least we know no intruder would ever be able to sneak into our house without us knowing about it!

Despite our spring-ish weather lately, the morning light showed a heavy frost had fallen in the night:



Tulips are hardy and will survive the frost:


But strawberries may not, which is why I covered them yesterday late in the afternoon.  Only *someone* – not naming any names, we’ll just note that it was likely a four-footed someone – had grabbed one of the plastic sheets and pulled it back, in search no doubt of soft ground for joyful digging.


And so, alas, some of the strawberry plants this morning look like they’ve been sugared:


Today will be spent in a flurry of housecleaning and food-making in preparation for tomorrow’s Easter celebration, and then it will be off to church in the evening.  I wish you a very Happy Easter!


3 thoughts on “Early morning phantom in the woods.

  1. Happy Easter Mary…and relax, strawberries are relatively tough plants. A quick cold hurts them a bit, like a few leafs, but the plant usually lives.

    The pooch and myself are looking forward to far too much turkey/mashed potatoes/and everything else, plus enjoying it all with the ‘dopted kids. It doesn’t get much better ;-D

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