A liberal scold reads to children and makes them sad.

I am a big proponent of literature-based language intervention for children with language-learning disabilities.  I’ll often choose a text and have kids study it for several weeks, using the text for semantic development, syntax practice, and narrative retelling.

Sometimes I’ll try to find a few different versions of the same story, such as Chicken Little or The Gingerbread Boy so we can compare and contrast, or I’ll read the story to the kids during one session and maybe play an audio recording of someone reading it in another session.

The website Storyline Online is a useful resource (though I caution you that I don’t think some of the stories are that great) for this.  For example, I have a nice unit on A Bad Case of Stripesm and I always play the Storyline Online version of Sean Astin reading it because he does such an enjoyable presentation.

So the other day a speech session finished up a bit early and I asked the kids if they wanted to preview a new story on Storyline Online with me.  I wasn’t familiar with the book The Tooth so I said we’d watch it together and decide if it was a story we’d like to study.  File this one under Always Preview the Book Before You Watch It With The Kids, Mrs. Thiry. *sigh*

I clicked it on to watch Annette Bening read the story.  You simply must watch the video – go on, it isn’t long, but the rest of my comments won’t really be as meaningful if you don’t actually see what I’m talking about.  Now, Annette Bening is quite typical of Hollywood elites – very liberal, very politically active, a sort of social-justicier-than-thou demeanor – but I would not have thought it possible for anyone to make a children’s story this unenjoyable to hear:

After the video ended, the two children in the room looked downcast – not their usual cheery faces.

“Well.” I said as brightly as I could.  “Well.  Perhaps not that story then.  Perhaps a nice Jan Brett book about Easter bunnies?  Right.”

The book The Tooth is the usual liberal pablum, totally disconnected from reality.  Homelessness is, of course, a complex issue.  The chronically homeless (as opposed to someone who’s briefly down on their luck due to job loss or some other crisis and is crashing with family) often have mental health or substance abuse problems…but this post is not about that topic.  Rather, it’s about the joy-sucking effect liberalism seems to have on women.  It reliably turns them dour and sour and schoolmarmish.

I had a laugh a few days later when I read a post on Dalrock’s blog in which he said the word he thinks of when he watches Hillary Clinton speaking is scold.  Unfortunately that really does describe her, but not only her.  It seems to describe practically all women who are politically-active liberals.

Liberalism – it will turn you into a sour-faced scold, ladies.  And you don’t want that, do you?



13 thoughts on “A liberal scold reads to children and makes them sad.

  1. Not to be a scold, but I always preview my bears videos. Thee are more than a few on youtube that are not funny. Now, for one that is.

    Do you think that may make up for the disaster?
    I thought I was good at picking good videos for kids until I tried “Hook” on my neice and nephew. What a fail! The action was slow and the themes were for adults. NOt sexual but about love and parenting.

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  2. Both the sweetie and the kiddo loved me reading The Cat In The Hat for them, they knew all the words, pretty much almost like a song, and that is how kids should be ;-D

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  3. I guess I’ll ask it. What the heck has happened to Annette Benning? This is the woman that got Hollywood’d most notorious philandering bachelor to marry her. The way she presents herself in that video practically screams, “Don’t come near me!”. Although, in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, she could dress herself to the nines, why does she have to be so deliberately frumpy?

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  4. Most boring book ever.

    “It starts out being a trip to the dentist, and it ends with a little girl meeting a homeless man.”

    Sounds like bait-and-switch to me.

    I got more educational (or at least entertainment) value out of this when i was a kid –

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    • It’s not completely off topic because it is a good video for kids. I haven’t linked this since the old blog went away.


  5. Most boring book ever.

    “It starts out being a trip to the dentist, and it ends with a little girl meeting a homeless man.”

    That is why liberals like Annette Bening must subject children to this – because no child in his or her right mind would choose voluntarily to read a book about either going to the dentist or meeting a homeless person.

    In Part 2, entitled “The Shot”, little Marissa will accompany her mother downtown to the community health clinic for her state-mandated HPV vaccine where she will end up meeting a wise heroin addict waiting for his methadone allotment. Good times, good times. Heartwarming SJW virtue-signaling for children everywhere!

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  7. I’ve noticed that the children’s book world is full of sentimental/boring works that only adults would be interested in. Every time I go to the library, it seems like I come home with at least one book that looked good, but turns out to be about a kid who’s pet died or a bird whose best friend turned out to be a snowball and then melted. Or about how the author grew up in poverty but it’s okay because they liked eating paint. (I am not making that up.)

    Kids like books about cheeky toy trains, hoppy bunnies, funny superheroes, or grand adventures. They like rainbows and unicorns and swashbuckling pirates. They do not want to hear about how if you eat too much candy, you might have to go to the dentist and get a tooth pulled, for goodness’s sakes. They certainly don’t want to hear that some people don’t have anywhere to live and there’s nothing they can do about it. (Even if it is true, this is not a good way to present it.)

    And don’t get me started on Fancy Nancy.

    People say, “Oh, we’re worried about boys not reading enough,” and then they assign them books about grandmothers dying! (One of my kids’ reading assessments this year was based on a book about a grandmother dying. Kid refused to finish it.) Of course they aren’t reading, you idiots, because you keep giving them awful books! Give them Thomas the Tank Engine or Curious George and they’ll actually enjoy the book.

    And then there’s presentation. Would it kill that woman to have a bit of emotion in her voice? Like yay, we’re going to read a story! Makes you feel sorry for her kids, doesn’t it? Instead her whole demeanor is “life sucks, people suck, and guess what, there’s no tooth fairy and homeless guys don’t have pillows, you dumb privileged kid. I hope you enjoy your candy tonight, because homeless people don’t get candy. Also, your mom’s a jerk and you don’t brush your teeth enough.”



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