Women can be hard-working and innovative in their proper sphere.

I read a comment from a man recently on a blog that asserted, possibly somewhat tongue-in-cheek, that the goal of most women is to never work a day in their lives.  All joking aside, while it is no doubt possible to find real life examples of such women, I would assert this is not generally true.

Why might this sometimes seem true to men?  I believe it is because they are looking at women who are trying to perform a man’s role.  I don’t believe that all forms of paid employment represent “taking on the man’s role,” but there are a few things that I do know to be true:

  1. Man’s role is to be the final authority and the leader of his household, using both his paid and unpaid labor to provide for himself and his family.
  2. Woman’s role is taking care of her family through her labors, with guidance from her husband.  Her labors may also be paid and/or unpaid.
  3. However, if the woman engages in paid labor, there are some jobs which are better suited for men and some jobs which are better suited for women.

Sadly, feminists and other modernists only value males, not females, so anything men typically do well is seen as inherently more desirable than anything women typically do well.  Therefore, feminists (being terribly misogynistic toward women) have relentlessly pushed for girls to pursue any job field in which men typically excel and women do not – for example, coding, video game development, and a host of other fields.

So what happens is you get a bunch of women in jobs that they are not terribly well-suited for, and – surprise, surprise – they do badly at them and present as lazy and inept.  This can give men the mistaken idea that all women are always lazy and inept.

But this is not true.  Women can do very well at the work that women do well.  Isn’t it rather absurd that we even have to say that?  But we live in an age of mass insanity, and thus we must state the blindingly obvious.  Feminists, of course, deny that there is any such thing as work that men do well and work that women do well.

Let us consider one assertion I have read, that men invent everything that is worth having.  It is true that men are far superior at inventing technology and machinery.  Feminists deny that men can be better than women at anything, and thus feminists push women into fields that require technological innovation, and of course they generally aren’t very good at it and proceed to annoy the men around them terribly.  And then grumpy men on the internet say women are just no good at innovation, period.

But consider this ingenious woman, who came up with a better way to brood chicks than just stuffing them in a brooder box with a heat lamp 24-7; she created a mama hen substitute out of a heating pad:


If you don’t want to watch the video, you can read an article by a woman who followed the inventoress’ lead and made her own heating pad mama hen.  It’s so very clever and so useful!  I intend to use it when our spring chicks arrive.  This is a perfect example of the type of area where women tend to like to work hard and are successful and innovative – providing for their families by coming up with better ways of raising their own food.

Not every woman wants to raise chickens, of course.  But there are distinct areas where women can work hard and excel.  Young women shouldn’t listen to idiot feminists who push them into fields they’ll likely hate, nor should young women worry too much about the sharp words from men who are (understandably!) cranky and blowing off steam online.  Women can be clever, hard-working, resourceful, and innovative when we stick to job fields that fit with women’s natural strengths and when we focus on tending our homes, gardens, and families.

There is no need for women to chase after job fields dominated by men that we are likely going to be bad at any more than there is a need for us to lust after the role God designed men to fulfill in the family.

Okay.  Let’s end on a cheery note then, shall we?  My husband – to my absolute shock and our daughters’ great delight – has agreed not only to chicks but also to getting ducks AND GEESE.  Did you read that?  Read it again: AND GEESE!  I get a tingly thrill every time I read it.  Did you know that geese can be quite friendly to their owners and are protective of them?  In fact, more people are afraid of geese than of dogs, and geese will sound the alarm whenever strangers arrive, so they make good guard animals.  They are also excellent at weeding and will be allowed to free range through our little orchard of dwarf and semi-dwarf fruit trees.

We shall get three females and one male.  My husband wants Pilgrim geese, which we shall order them from Metzer’s in April, and he has already named them: Uncle Waldo, Amelia, Abigail and Beatrix.

Pilgrim geese are large, very calm, and are decent egg layers.  They are also listed as critically endangered by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC).  I will now get the chance to show my own womanly inventiveness by coming up with all kinds of delicious ways to prepare goose eggs!

Isn’t that so exciting?


27 thoughts on “Women can be hard-working and innovative in their proper sphere.

  1. I am not saying that there must always be hard and fast rules about which jobs are “for” men and which jobs are “for” women, especially in the professional world. Some jobs are just gender neutral, with men and women being equally capable of performing them. Some jobs are better suited to one sex or the other, but there will be times when a person of the opposite sex has an interest and talent for such a job. If that person is willing to actually do the work, well then…*shrug*…by and large, I guess let ’em. Why not, unless their presence creates a hazard or is totally illogical?

    But. That is not currently the feminist narrative when it comes to jobs in areas like tech, is it? No, it isn’t. Feminists demand that women be pushed and cajoled and begged and treated like hothouse flowers in the area of tech.

    Why do this? If women are willing to do the work and stand on their own successes and failures, great. But if they are just going to do the job poorly and then blame men for their failure because of “structural sexism” or some horseshit…,well. That’s a horse of different color, isn’t it.

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  2. Let’s talk about ducks!

    We want them for eggs at the moment and we will order them from Metzer’s and Townline Hatchery in west Michigan. Both Family Farm & Home and Dexter Mill get their chicks from Townline, and it is a reputable hatchery. You can get either straight run or sexed.

    Philip wants Indian Runners:

    The girls want Rouens:

    and White Cresteds:

    I’d like Buffs:

    We will get 2-3 females and one drake.

    We will get sexed chicks. We want mostly pullets and a rooster or two. The last thing I want is to save a few bucks getting a straight run only to end getting the short end of the stick and ending up with a bunch of cockerels to cull.


  3. I think that men are more than a little tired of carrying women on the job. It’s really hard when incompetent women are promoted over competent men.
    What I think may happen in tech is that companies will stay in the “start up” phase longer. Once they go public, it’s a much different ball game.
    The ancient Romans revered their geese as guard animals when thier dogs failed them. After that, the dogs never regained their reputation.
    I like hearing about the animals.

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  4. Hi,

    So which job fields would you suggest are aligned to a female’s natural strengths – and which natural strengths are you referring to?



  5. “….nor should young women worry too much about the sharp words from men who are (understandably!) cranky and blowing off steam online.”

    When such men are claiming to represent Christ, we have a duty and an obligation to not excuse such behavior.


    • When men confront women not doing their job and tell them to shape up it is not blowing off steam and being cranky. When HR tell one not to do that because feelz we get cranky.

      You have an error. Christian men are fallen. We try to imitate Christ, and do our duty in our sphere. We do not represent Christ: that would be hubris.

      What you are doing is trying to control that which is ourside your sphere, to deminate and control while appearing submissive. Does. not. work.

      Does make men cranky.

      Sunshine, Geese Rock. With cranberry and apple sauce.

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      • “What you are doing is trying to control that which is ourside your sphere, to deminate and control while appearing submissive.”

        Stuff and nonsense, I submit to my husband and to a few trusted spiritual authorities, not to every lunkhead on the internet. And lunkheads many of you are!


      • This all reminds me of a thread from the old blog. Pastor Mark Driscoll was the topic. One commenter drove by and tried to defend him, saying the women were taked to task equally elsewhere. What a story! I don’t think that anyone repied to him.
        Keep on demonizing men. In time, we’ll come around to believing that women don’t like us.

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    • Where I work, most trainees are women. But most women, when they have babies, don’t want to keep on doing deliveries because it plays living hell on your sanity and sleep.

      And your baby needs you sane and rested.

      In NZ most primary care is done by family practitioners / General Practice. And two thirds of those docs are women, who do about half the work. Including my GP 🙂

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      • I meant things like breast and pelvic exams, rather than childbirth.


    • I think that it is probably true for most women that they’d prefer to have a female gynocologist. At least, most of the ones I’ve spoken to agree with this.

      I personally have a male one after trying 2 female ones prior, and he is far superior to either one of them. They were hard-handed, had no time for my questions, and acted as though they knew *everything* about my body simply because we were both of the female sex. One sent me into a panic attack due to her mishandling of me which led to a flashback from something very unpleasant from my past, and she said I should “get over it” since it happened when I was a child. Never went back to either of them, let me tell you!

      Now, my male gyno is the exact opposite; kind, soft spoken, understanding of my needs as a patient, available to answer questions, and *never* arrogant or condescending. With him, I am a fellow human being and a modest client, instead of just another number to be processed.

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    • You have reminded me of a commenter that I only saw for a brief time on the old blog, Gen. G. Steinem. Just thinking about those comments makes me grin.
      I don’t know whow that was was but, wit was razor sharp.

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  8. Most of the workplace-related affairs I’m familiar with involve a married businessman and a female (usually unmarried) subordinate, like a secretary. I don’t see why a wife can’t answer phones, proofread, meet with female clients, type, etc. Plus, if she works for him without being a formal employee on paper, they save on income taxes.


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  10. Some jobs are better suited to one sex or the other, but there will be times when a person of the opposite sex has an interest and talent for such a job. If that person is willing to actually do the work, well then…*shrug*…by and large, I guess let ’em. Why not, unless their presence creates a hazard or is totally illogical?

    Thank you for this clarification.
    As a female working in hobby/boardgame/videogame sales, including part-time in the actual warehouse, there are those who give odd looks or even say that it is a “strange” job for a woman to be in. And I suppose it is…Other than the company secretary, I am the only female-bodied person there. But I love games of all kinds, I enjoy making recommendations to stores based on their needs/goals, keeping up with the gaming community as a whole, and getting to actually use my muscles in the warehouse 3x a week. It truly is an amazing job, and I’m so glad my career is something I take both pride and pleasure in doing.

    Of course, there will always be those who believe that ALL careers are sex-specific. My longtime lover and best friend is a male elementary school teacher, and he gets flak at times from others for having a “woman’s job”. Or one of our mutual acquaintances, also a male, has been a daycare worker for the last 9 years and he gets similar treatment now and then. Both of them have to deal with the disgusting misandice beliefs of “men can’t be nurturing” and “men shouldn’t be around children that much” that some ignorant people still hold.

    It is a sad thing, but I think if we could get rid of Feminism things would greatly improve. Then the few folks like myself and the 2 men I mentioned can go into our respective fields and the majority of other men and women can stay happy in their traditional niches. A very few women are “squares” and a very few men are “circles”, and that is fine. It’s when you try to force a circle into a square hole or a square into a circular hole that the trouble starts! Feminists are simply too blinded by their ideology of sameness to understand this.

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