Why I am deeply grateful to feminists.

I have wanted to comment on women having to register for the draft for a while, and now I am finally getting around to it.  On this matter, all I can say is: thank you, feminists!

In years of railing on the internet against feminism, against modernism, against materialism, and in favor of a traditional kin-based patriarchal social structure, I have accomplished only a little, mainly changing the minds of a handful of people who may have been readers of one of my previous two blogs.  But feminists, in their inability to consider any long-term consequences of their political agenda, have accomplished what I could not; they have assured an almost immediate return to marriage and natalism in the event of a war requiring conscription.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of feminists, men will be in a position to call all the shots if there is ever a draft for a war; every young woman will suddenly realize that she has an immediate desire to become pregnant as soon as possible because the alternative is the risk of getting killed in battle or taken prisoner by an enemy that has not had the, er, benefit of HR’s sexual harassment training.  There is zero possibility that our current economic set-up of subsidizing single motherhood will be sustainable if suddenly the majority of 18-29 year-old women decide to become pregnant at the same time; the sheer weight of that economic burden would collapse the system.

Most women know that they are utterly unsuited for fighting in a war (as opposed to serving as nurses or the like) and would only be in the way, endangering the lives of the other soldiers.  Women aren’t stupid and have a higher sense of self-preservation that you might suspect by looking at feminist talking heads.

But really, can you even imagine someone like Lena Dunham, Anita Sarkeesian, or Lindy West fighting in a war?  Regardless of what they may say, it is not now nor has it ever been one of feminism’s goals to establish actual parity of responsibility between men and women.  Were there to be a war with a female draft requirement, young women would instantly know whom to blame for this—feminism, which would be revealed as the anti-family, female-supremacist failure that it really is.   And young women would also quite clearly see where safety lies – in marriage and motherhood.

Which is what I have been saying for years now.

So now I say:

Thank you feminists, for achieving what I could not: our assured eventual return to a kin-based patriarchal social structure which is the source of safety and well-being for women and children.  You have my deepest gratitude.

Great job, feminists!

10 thoughts on “Why I am deeply grateful to feminists.

  1. It should be noted that in addition to opposing conscription for women, I also oppose it for
    American men at present, for the simple reason that our wars no longer serve to protect our citizens. Rather, our wars are fought either to protect Israel or to improve profits for enormous industries comprised of a small number of multi-national corporations headed by a tiny but fantastically wealthy elite.

    I wish the nationalist state of Israel no ill will whatsoever – all people groups have a right to self-preservation – but it is past time for America to let Israel fight its own wars. They are a highly competent people and are more than capable of it and I wish them nothing but success.

    Furthermore, it is time to stop sacrificing our families into the maw of the modern capitalist Robber Barons. Unfettered capitalism and unrestrained materialism are something we each have the power to reject. So…reject it. Get off your ass and get to work. Grow your own. Buy second-hand. Build a family. Don’t buy it, because you almost certainly don’t need it.

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  2. Motherhood? Yes.

    Marriage? No.

    Unless of course you are talking about what will reform after society collapses under its own weight? In that case, it might happen. But only if the Faithful clean up our act first.


  3. I have to agree with EDalrock in that the reason that feminists are promoting this nonsense is not to elevate women but, to tear down men by making the responsibility not exclusive to men. Of course, if this gets real, Americn women will find any and every excuse to duck it.
    I don’t thinki that all these female draftees getting pregnant will translate into more families.a government dedicated to servng feminism will bankrupt the country to maintain these women’s “independence”. Be certain that they will pursue child support claims with maximum vigor and they will be generous. I honestly can’t see young women lining up to get married, even if they are pregnant. They’re not done havinig “fun” yet.

    You did mention Israel. It’s the only country that I am aware of that makes serving in the Armed Forces mandatory for both men and women aged eighteen to twenty. They had problems in 1948 with co-ed units. Since then, they try to keep the women out of it.

    It hink feminism has got to the point where they can’t think of anything to promote that benefits women. It’s now all about tearing down men.

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    • Actually, Israel does not draft pregnant women, and mothers, nor women with religious objections. And although the remaining girls are given military training, they are not sent to the front lines. I believe that there is still only one co-ed battalion in the IDF.

      There is a very hard reason for that. In 1948, trying to supply Jerusalem, one of the female truckers was surrounded and several dozen men were subsequently killed trying to rescue her. Human nature is human nature.

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      • I had heard from only one source that there were problems in 1948 with women in combat. The source never told me the specifics. I had heard that the co-ed was a holdover from the days of defending kibbutzes.

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  4. It’s a lovely thought, Sunshine, but I’m afraid it just won’t play out quite like you believe. I wish I could follow your conclusion and arrive at the same place.

    I too am against the draft for either men or women, but obviously we are now trapped in a system beyond our control.


  5. I can’t remember how may years ago it was, I watched an Andy Rooney short on 60 Minutes in which he called for putting the draft back in place. He never thought he would advocate this in a million years. He was drafted for WWII. The point he was trying to make is that the US Army is no longer a reflection of the greater population. It’s no longer a citizen’s army.


  6. It is amazing to me that some feminists don’t seem to think through their positions enough to carry them to their logical conclusion. The more they talk about things like the draft, the more people will see through the charade of feminism. I only wish some politicians would be brave enough to say the truth — women don’t belong in the military except in supportive non-combat roles.


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