Snow day

The loveliest kinds of snow days are the ones where school is cancelled the night before to really give you time to savor it.

We were hit by a pretty decent snow storm yesterday and by evening, both the school I work at and my children’s school had cancelled, causing us to have an impromptu celebratory dance party in the living room.  It has happened in the past that my school has cancelled but the children’s has not, which is its own kind of celebration for me but causes them to gnash their teeth at the injustice of this world; it is their sad fate to attend a school district where the superintendent hails from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which means he usually doesn’t see the need to cancel school for anything less than a foot of snow.

Which is close to what we’ve gotten over the past day:


Our dirt road hasn’t been plowed yet, so I’m spending a pleasant snow-bound day catching up on household tasks and working on starting seeds for the garden.  Also, here is an update for my little countertop water garden:


The celery hearts are sprouting new leaves.


There are enough romaine leaves now to make a small salad.

Also, I’ve decided to save and attempt to root and plant the top of a pineapple from the grocery store; apparently this is possible to do and may even result in an actual pineapple fruit growing on the plant.

11 thoughts on “Snow day

  1. You just made me think why bears aren’t hired to pick pineapples.
    One for me, one for them.
    Two for me, one for them.
    Three for me, one for them.
    Enjoy your snow day!

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  2. Snow is the white pure cover over the filth and vomit underneath. Instead of purifying that which it hides, the hidden corrupts the covering until only a melted and saturated mountain of brown filth lies at the end of the drive way, plowed and forgotten.


    • I can’t “like” this. Look at the expression on the dog. It’s as if he saying “This is so undignified!”
      We are overdue for a bear video.


      • Yeah, I think we are both spanking her a bit…maybe she did not see the insult. My Lab knows what he is allowed to kill and what he should not. The problem comes with not properly identified animals, he usually picks up young robins and quails. He doesn’t kill them, he carries them in his mouth to me. I put them on bushes, and hope, and some do seem to survive.

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      • I do hope the dogs leave the ducklings be. It may have been easier if there were already adult ducks there when they arrived as puppies

        BG, Labs are so gentle and they love children.


  3. I’m jealous. This has been the least snowiest winter since we’ve lived in Vermont. Most years we average about 150 inches of snow. I doubt we’ve had 50 at this point. My husband and kids usually ski every weekend, but have only gone twice (manmade snow isn’t as much fun as fresh powder) and tourism is definitely way off.

    We recently had our first snow day in three years, but it was because of icy roads, not snow. At the nursing home where I’m doing my clinical work for nursing school the residents say this is one of the strangest winters they’ve ever seen.

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    • While this is supposed to be an El Nino Year, it has been as wet as normal but it has fallen as rain, not snow. It has been unusually warm.
      The last word I got from a relative in California is that, while it’s not enough to make it normal, they will breathe easier this summer.


    • We’ve had less snow and warmer temperatures than average, too. The weatherman says it’s an El Nino year. Last year we had one of the coldest, snowiest winters on records, so this is a big change!

      Sounds like you’re making progress with your nursing program – good to hear!


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