A cozy Saturday night

I left the house shortly after five this morning, when the -12 windchill made our faces burn with cold, to drop a sleepy but excited teenager off at the high school. Today was the regional performances for One Act and our troupe was heading over to Avondale High School in Bloomfield Hills, where they took third place out of five – not bad!

We are in the depths of cold, dark winter and every human being in this town has caught the same miserable virus that settles into your lungs and leaves you coughing for a month.  I daydream about spring gardening while flipping through the Burpee Seeds catalogue…

But after an exhausting, endless week of leaving home before dawn and returning home after dark, I’ve finally collapsed on the couch with a glass of wine in front of a crackly fire, kids and dogs and husband at hand.


I can’t think of any place I’d rather be on this frigid night!

Wherever you are, I hope you too are cozy and at peace.


9 thoughts on “A cozy Saturday night

  1. Hey, the days are already noticeably longer. Here on Vancouver Island, the snowdrops have been flowering for a month. And last week on every sunny afternoon, I had forty-eleven thousand crocuses opening in the backyard. They were my wife’s favourite variety, Tommies…always the first crocus to bloom.

    The male tree frogs are already starting to sing cued by temperature, but the females will hold back until the daylight is a little longer. The female Anna’s hummingbirds are now actively building nests within the territories that the males so staunchly defended all winter. Spring is coming.

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      • For now, the bears will sleep but,soon, they will awaken and look for berries.
        That is a happy thought.


    • Hmmm, have seen a couple of male black bears around us, but no females or cubs yet. The males were digging up and eating Camas bulbs on the hillsides.

      Spent the morning making Wor Won Ton soup for the Sweetie, my ‘dopted daughter. She and her brother have been sick most of last week, and asked me if I would make her some Chinese soup. Was I going to say no ;-D

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    • Fuzzie,

      Cute bears. I have a bear joke, thought maybe it would bring a smile.

      I’d fight a bear for you, not a grizzly or brown bear. Not a polar bear either. Now a Care Bear, I’d fight one of those for you. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day.

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      • Lady Just Saying,
        Thank you! I feel better! But, please don’t get into fights with care bears on my account.


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