What I’ve been up to.

Well, it’s been busy around here, and every time I think, “Oh, I should write a blog post about that!” five things I have to do first always pop up.

But I’m settling on the couch with a cup of coffee this Sunday before undertaking the day’s baking projects to update a little here.

First, life: nothing of any great importance to report.  Just the usual Christmas stuff…making gifts, doing a lot of-cookie baking:


…going to Christmas concerts and church events, class holiday parties, the Chelsea parade, where the high school marching band decorates their instruments with lights:


and all the usual things that you are probably doing, too.

Suddenly it seems fashionable among certain Christian traditionalists to proclaim that the only way we are supposed to celebrate Christmas is by engaging in spiritual pursuits and religious tradition.  Now, I understand the sentiment and totally agree that the holiday for many folks has turned into an empty, meaningless glut of consumerism.  Yuck.   Among the many things Americans Don’t Need, here are two I saw:


You don’t need a yard of cheap candy.


You don’t need tacky candy cane underpants.

But when Mrs. Wood even said we ought not put up Christmas trees and just look out the window at the pine tree outside, well…I mean come on, we are celebrating a BIRTHDAY here.  How does one normally celebrate the birth of a baby?  Especially when that baby is a KING, for heaven’s sake?  I dunno, but at my house we’ve put up evergreen wreaths and garlands and twinkly white lights:


…and a Christmas tree and silver bells and a glass creche and wooden creche and a Nutcracker doll and…well, you get the picture.  It doesn’t cost much – probably 85% of our Christmas decorations were either given to us as gifts or inherited from elderly relatives who were cleaning out their basements.

Anyway.  What else?  Oh yes, a movie came out this weekend, perhaps you’ve heard of it?  I didn’t go see it, but one of our daughters is a big Star Wars fan and so she and Phil went to see it yesterday. They amused themselves in line with some Star Wars picture app on his phone:


And then they got really silly and turned Professor Diggers into a fighter pilot and Miss Ruby into Princess Leia:


What I’m reading online: I don’t have a blogroll for this blog, but there has been a lot of really interesting reading material, both in the posts and in the comments at these ten blogs that I read regularly (this does not imply that I necessarily agree with every word written on each site):

So, just a brief post to say hello and that I’m not dead.  I hope to write a few substantive posts over Christmas break.  Hope you and yours are well!


6 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to.

  1. We don’t celebrate Xmas because it is Catholic and Pagan in origin. We follow the Bible and therefore celebrate the birth of the Messiah during his birth feast. That is the Feast of Tabernacles. I never understood the Protestant propensity in America to reinvent Pagan festivals or do Catholic light instead of actually doing what Yahweh commands. The fruits of celebrating Xmas are easy to see and they are not holy,


  2. I don’t need a set of underbreeches like those but I can think of a certain blonde gal I am fond of who would look good in them….

    Here’s to hoping you and yours are happy, healthy and at peace in the world

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  3. Sunshine and all: Here are some thoughts with which to close out the old year and begin the new year. With Vevo, commercials can pop up at odd times. Hopefully you can get through this without that happening. Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

    From our house to yours,

    p.s. These videos are on playlists – so you will need to stop each video at the end and then click the next link in this list.


    Somebody Loves Me

    Lay Them Down

    Hide Me, Rock of Ages

    FInally, I can’t think of a better way to express what this birth day is all about – Jesus coming as the final sacrifice that we, family seen and unseen, might be joined together again at this meeting in the air.

    What A Meeting in the Air

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