About those safe space circles.

I don’t bother my head much with what feminists think because their stupid, anti-biology anti-reality propaganda which never fails to make women’s lives worse will eventually eat itself alive.  Perhaps it will be the transgender issue that does feminism in or perhaps some other issue but either way, no ideology which is that at odds with reality and human nature can continue indefinitely.

Nevertheless, I am sometimes taken aback when I realize that there is still a fair bit of functional society left for feminists to consume and destroy.

Case in point – you really have to read it to believe the barf-in-your mouth levels of obnoxious feminist entitlement in this recent article written for CNN by anchor Carol Costello (highlighting mine):

[Last week] To its enormous credit, and because it values women, the Air Force organized the largest combined forum on gender issues in the academy’s history. Almost 3,000 cadets attended — mostly young men — to hear the featured speaker, Facebook COO and feminist author of “Lean In” Sheryl Sandberg.

As she took the stage, the nation’s finest young leaders seemed ready to “lean in.”

“I’m inspired by your courage, strength and dedication,” Sandberg told them. “(And I have) special admiration for the women in this audience, because you not only strengthen the Air Force by joining the Air Force, but you fight for equality with every single step you take.”

May I say that was a ballsy thing to say in a sea of mostly men. Don’t get me wrong, there were cheers of approval from the audience, but there was something else too — a negative energy. And it was palpable.

“Women and minorities face barriers that white men don’t face,” Sandberg went on. “And the veil of silence, pretending that this doesn’t exist, does not make the playing field even. For women in the military, there’s a special challenge because you have to be tough enough to fit in.”

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why the United States Air Force is taking direction from Sheryl Sandberg, COO of a gossipy social media site? The Air Force exists to protect the lives of our citizens in the event of a war. Facebook mostly just exists so people can waste time at work bragging about their supposedly fabulous lives.

By the time she got to “I have never met a man who was asked, ‘Should you be working?'” some in the crowd seemed downright hostile […]

The question is why did the crowd seem hostile to Mrs. Sandberg?  The assumption is that they were hostile because they were closed-minded sexists who believe women should not be in the armed services as warriors.  But isn’t it just as likely that the “hostile” attitude was because they don’t care if women work or if they are in the military or if they stay home…they just want them to perform their jobs competently and not demand non-stop special treatment?  Isn’t it possible the hostility was due to the fact that these young men felt blamed for something they didn’t cause, namely women’s angst about their failure to perform (on average) as well as men in the military?

That’s why Sandberg is not only delivering speeches, but has partnered with the armed services to create “lean-in circles,” or peer-to-peer groups, that meet regularly at places like the Air Force Academy.

Air Force Academy Cadet 1st Class Danielle Kaufman is all in. “It’s not just a military problem. A lot of it is societal. We’re put in these tough situations as females every day. (The circle is) a safe environment where people feel their voices are heard,” she said.

Did the Muslim invaders who attacked Parisian civilians on Friday provide safe space circles?  If not, how will these wilting-flower women Mrs. Sandberg is referring to be able to deal with that when the next Muslim attack occurs here in the United States?

If women are the natural equals of men in the military, why do they need “safe space circles”? This makes no sense. Women are equal to men but need to be protected from men so they can prove how equal they are…am I the only one who notices the LOGIC FAIL there? These are the women who are going to PROTECT us in the event of a war, these chicks blubbering to the news about the “negative energy” from men at a Sheryl Sandberg speech?

Yet at the conclusion of her article, Carol Costello asks…

Can you hear us roar, alpha males?

That’s right, alpha males! Rawr! Can’t you hear us ladies roaring over here from our safe space circles that you need to create more of so that we can feel safe while roaring at you?   Really, isn’t giving women a safe rawring space a much more important function for the Air Force to be concerned about than, like, preparing to defend the U.S.? Sheryl Sandberg says it is, and I am sure we can trust Ms. Sandberg to know what’s necessary for the U.S. to defend itself against an attack or invasion.

But will peer-to-peer circles convince an alpha male to lean in? As Sandberg wrapped up her speech, a young female cadet asked her: “How do you stand up and counteract that … unwillingness to open their minds?”

Sandberg didn’t blink. “There’s only two options: One is that men are far, far, far more talented than women and deserve 95% of the top jobs, or the second is that there’s systematic bias. Those are the options. Pick one. Because those are your only two choices.”

Sheryl Sandberg says there are only two choices, so…let’s choose. When in Rome, let us do as the Romans do and vote about it.

12 thoughts on “About those safe space circles.

  1. One of the regular commenters at my usual haunt is an Air Force wife. She informed us of this, furious that taxpayer money was spent on it. When she does talk about things generally, the military is having a very difficult time retaining talent. By its very nature, it is a masculine institution and the feminists want to bash it out of existance.

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  2. Well women have been known to be raped by their own comrades in the military. So if that is the issue this speaker is referring too, then yeah i completely understand.


  3. It boggles the mind that we are talking about safe spaces in the armed forces. One would think that anyone past the third grade or so would realize that of all places, the armed forces are not a safe space, but apparently I am too optimistic.

    That doesn’t mean that they ought to condone sexual assault–by the way, #1 on the Pareto is (AHEM) the male on male variety, if I remember correctly–but it floors me that anyone would see the military as a safe space.

    For that matter, should we see where we are as safe spaces? Yes, I choose low crime areas for my living and work quarters, but hey–sin is everywhere. I would dare suggest that talking about “safe spaces” merely serves to infantilize people.

    And it’s fun when you go on a rant, gracious hostess.

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  4. As many here have echoed, this whole safe spaces thing antithetical. I’m definitely on the same page as Bike on this one. Safe Space in the armed forces is makes no sense, as to the inherent danger involved in the proffesion. I also would like to add that, we have now established that women are of “equal” ability to fight on the front lines against insurgents and terrorist, yet this femminist has now established that aren’t equal in debate or communication; by stating that they need an outside advantage in this. It is illogical conclusions like this that will cause either: the death of the feminist movement, or the death rational thought and logic in the majority of America. I vote the former.


  5. From the linked article:

    “Russell wrote: ‘…The training of our combat warriors is paramount to our national defense. … In order to ensure that the Army retains its ability to defend the nation, we must ensure that our readiness is not sacrificed.’ ” … “Happily, the Department of Defense — and the Air Force — don’t share Russell’s concerns.”

    I am left without words!! The author of the article thinks it is OK to say this. Whoever edited the article before it was published thinks it is OK to say this. “Happily the Department of Defense and the Air Force don’t agree with Russell that ‘we must ensure that our readinss is not sacrificed’.” Stupid beyond belief. My only comfort is that i know the Department of Defense and the Air Force DO share Russell’s concerns, in spite of what the author states (I’ve spent time in the military). The job of all the armed forces is to ensure that their readiness to defend this nation is not sacrificed. That is their reality – which is obviously a reality different from that of those trying to attract attention in the political / social correctness arena.

    What in the world do social correctness and safe circles have to do with defending this nation?? It has been said that there are no atheists in foxholes. Well, guess what … ain’t no safe circles there either. Somebody needs to get over it. When push comes to shove and we need warriors defending this country, I don’t think it will be the actual warriors who have to get over it.


  6. Rather than the message Sheryl Sandberg delivered, the women of the armed forces would be better served with the message delivered in the video linked above: “I’d like to find your inner child and kick it’s little ass.” … “If you need safe circles, then you need to consider that the armed forces is not the place for you to be.”

    When I served, there were plenty of women serving alongside. I can’t remember any of them looking for safe circles, or seeking to be seen as a victim. This seems to be something recently socialized into women. But I wonder how many of the current women in the military actually buy into this? Surely not all of them think their only role is that of a victim??


  7. There is a silver lining to having women in the military. They boost recruitment. This is especially true in the former Warsaw Pact nations that make military service compulsory for all men aged 18-20. I guess that having pretty faces in uniforms is a morale boost for those guys. It’s not quite prison.


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