When Daddy gets home.

I was working with a child yesterday who has a language delay and somewhat limited vocabulary.  We were working on creating mental semantic webs for words by generating items in categories.  We had gone through a few – name three things that live in the ocean, name three things that are blue, name three games that you play with a ball – and were on the last category – name three things that make you happy.

Her adorable little face puckered with concentration.

“Uh.  Uh.  Candy!”

“Good!” I said.  “What else makes you happy?”

Furrowed brow and deep concentration.

“Um.  Uh.  Oh!  Cookies!”

“I like cookies, too.  One more, now.  What really makes you so happy?”

She was quiet for a moment, and then her face lit up like the sun was shining on it.  An enormous smile blossomed and she began to wiggle like an excited puppy.

“When Daddy gets home!”

Tears stung my eyes at the simple sweetness of her response.

4 thoughts on “When Daddy gets home.

  1. I just had to comment on this! My 15 year old son’s face still lights up when his dad gets home. It is really sweet. I remember when I would get to see my dad while growing up (which wasn’t often) and being really excited too.


  2. It’s really sweet of her. At some time, another blogger noticed that whe he was in the company of a bunch a kids, they were all over him like a jungle gym. With all the fatherless households and no male teachers in school, kids don’t see that much of men. It’s not healthy.


  3. At a café one afternoon, a few tables over, was a woman with an infant and a girl, maybe four or five years old, eating lunch. Suddenly the girl leaped up and ran, and out from the grocery section walked her dad. She jumped into his arms and he carried her to the table.

    It reminded me of when our own dad arrived home from work, and we’d go full cowboy.

    The café incident was simple but positive and pleasing. As I looked back down, the mother at the table was watching me, smiling.


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