Hunter’s Ed (checking off our year’s to-do list)

Sorry for the silence around here.  This weekend my husband was taking Hunter’s Safety so he can get a hunting license.  He’s planning to hunt deer with the guy who plows our driveway and another guy from ski patrol; bagging his first deer was on his list of things he wants to accomplish this year.  On a whim, the kids and I signed up for the class, too.  It was all day on Saturday and Sunday, and I will not live down the fact that I was the only one in my family to miss all three clay pigeons during the trap shoot.  Geez, even our ten-year-old hit one, and that was after the Range Safety Officer determined even the 20-gauge shotgun was too big for her and swapped it out for a .410, telling me that she probably wouldn’t be able to break the clay targets with it!

But in the end, we all passed both the shooting and written tests and got our Hunter’s Safety cards, which are required in Michigan in order to get a hunting license.  One of our daughters can’t wait to try her hand at hunting, but after watching the video demonstration of field dressing a freshly killed buck, another daughter decided hunting is definitely not for her:

field dressing

“Is that its intestines?!”

I thought she was going to barf, much to the delight of the row of 12-year-old boys sitting in front of us.

Anyway, that was my whole weekend, pretty much.  We got home in time to take the dogs for a hike in the Pinckney Rec Area and that was about it…it’s back to the work-week grind now! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hunter’s Ed (checking off our year’s to-do list)

  1. Don’t feel bad about 0/3 on the clays. It’s surprisingly difficult when you first start.

    I shoot sporting clays about once a month, and when my brother and I first started a year ago we got 3/25 and 7/25 (I beat him the first time, but I think he might be slightly better now), but we’re both comfortably in the what I’d call the b-list shooters at the club now (I tied with two other guys for second place yesterday).

    I don’t think I’ve seen anyone miss all 25 yet, but I have seen one guy get 1/25 on his first shoot.


    • I just thought of something for the queasy one. It may be a good idea to start off with cleaning fish. There’s nothing anthropomorphic about them to trigger sympathy.


  2. Missing a few clays is par for the course. But that said, make sure you know which is your dominant eye–a good shooter/coach will be able to give you some pointers that will allow you to “see” things better.


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