Canning mock lemon pie filling made with zucchini.

If you think you’re tired of hearing about my zucchini, just imagine how tired I am of dealing with it. 🙂  But I press on!  Waste not, want not and all that.

I really did grow other things besides zucchini, and soon I will tell you about how I’m preserving those.  But for now…

I found this recipe for Zucchini “lemon” pie filling at the site for Self-Reliance Magazine: Basic Skills for Living Well.  Since I’m trying to use and preserve as much of my over-abundance of garden zucchini as possible, I decided to give it a try.


12-15 lbs. giant zucchinis, peeled and grated
58 oz. bottled lemon juice
lemon peel, grated, from 2 lemons
6 cups sugar

Directions: Mix all ingredients. Bring to a boil and simmer for 20 minutes. Fill sterilized jars with mixture, topping with remaining juice to leave ½ inch headspace. Process in boiling water bath, for 25 minutes.
To use filling for lemon meringue pie: Mix ½ cup sugar with 2 Tbsp. of cornstarch. Stir into “lemon” filling. Heat, just till thickened. Pour into baked pie crust, top with meringue and bake (400 degrees, 8-10 minutes) till meringue is slightly browned.

A few tips from me: I used the shredder side of the grater to make finer bits of zucchini.  I also used a lemon zester for the lemon peel.



After you cook it for twenty minutes, it looks a lot like lemon curd,  We don’t eat lemon meringue pie all that often, but I will easily use these up making lemon bars.  I have school-aged children, which means I often need to provide baked goods for some event or other in which they’re involved.  I had thirteen pounds of zucchini, which yielded six quarts of “lemon” pie filling.


I also made some zucchini bread to freeze today, leaving one loaf out for us to eat.  I usually use my mother’s recipe, which is moist and not too sweet, but I didn’t have applesauce, which the recipe calls for.  Instead, I tried Mom’s Zucchini Bread from All Recipes, and my husband preferred it.  I thought it was a bit too sweet but had a very nice texture and cinnamon-y taste.  Zucchini bread freezes well.



I really think I am going to cut down the zucchini vines after tomorrow, though, and toss them on the compost pile.  Enough is enough already! 🙂

Sunday afternoon I’m planning to make rose hip jam, and if it goes well, I’ll share the details with you.


3 thoughts on “Canning mock lemon pie filling made with zucchini.

  1. I also have an abundance of zucchini. 🙂 I’m thinking of canning this today. Can you tell me how you make lemon bars after this is canned? Thanks


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