I’m pretty sure this must be a sign that The Collapse is coming.

Blueberry bandits steal 1,500 pounds of fruit from South Haven property

OK, I’m kind of kidding. But really, blueberries? What are they going to do, set up a fly-by-night farm stand? Are they planning to do a whole lot of canning? Are blueberries, like 22 LR ammo, anticipated to be currency after TEOTWAWKI?

One time a few years ago as I was getting into my car at a Kroger on the Ypsi-Ann Arbor border, these two guys in a rusty, white van that fit the description of practically every creepy crime vehicle pulled up next to me and asked me if I wanted to buy a car stereo that was still in the box. Uh, no thanks guys; somehow this sounds like “receiving stolen property”. So maybe the blueberry thieves will trawl grocery store parking lots…Hey lady, you wanna buy some berries?  They’re still in the box, I can give ya a great deal on half a ton!


5 thoughts on “I’m pretty sure this must be a sign that The Collapse is coming.

  1. My alibi, beyond not being anywhere near the Red Arrow Highway, is that my pickup is only a half ton. Can’t carry all that, donchaknow?

    My great uncle used to have a little blueberry farm near Sawyer. Good times….pick some eat some pick some, eat some….watch little brother who ate too many run run run to the bathroom quick! Of course I still razz him about it over three decades later. Lunch was “Liverbest” from Drier’s in Three Oaks (made infamous as the would be butchers of a reindeer in “Prancer” if I remember right). Then off to Hyerdall’s, where an attentive waitress figured out we’d been picking berries all day and saved herself a lot of trouble by bringing the whole pitcher of ice water.

    Good times.


    • Great story, thanks for sharing it! I’m off to buy a new pressure canner and then start turning 1500 lbs of zucchini into canned pie filling. I might be exaggerating the amount of zucchini I’ve harvested, but only slightly. 🙂


      • Pie filling out of zucchini? What do you add to give it a fruity taste, or what spices do you use with zucchini? We’ve got close to 100 lbs of “demon weed” ourselves.


  2. It’s not the end of the world. What this is isorganized crime. Someone knew where those berries were and had a buyer lined up.This was not a crime of opportunity.
    Now, I admit that I like berries but, 1500 lbs. is a little much.


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