Upcycling a broken chair into a log chair.

My frugal nature loves the concept of “upcycling,” in which you not only reuse something that was destined for the trash but also improve it and turn it into something rather nice for next to no money.  My husband found that the broken base of this chair was not reparable, so he made a log chair for the garden out of it.


We had to take down a large dead tree along the driveway, so he used a piece of the trunk for the base of the log chair:


He applied clear acrylic sealant to waterproof the log:


And then used heavy bolts to attach the chair seat to the log base:


Instead of adding the broken chair to the land fill or burning it in the firepit, he turned it into something that is both useful and has a charming, rustic cottage look:



12 thoughts on “Upcycling a broken chair into a log chair.

  1. In case you ever want to try something like this, here are a few more ways you could do it.

    This person just attached the chair back to the tree stump; that wouldn’t have worked in our case because the stump wasn’t in a convenient place:

    You could also bolt legs onto the bottom of a log if you don’t have a chair seat:

    And for this one, you’d need an intact tree trunk and some serious chainsaw skills:


  2. Probably not a huge deal, but I’ve always been told that oil based varnishes, especially spar varnish, will last better for outdoors. Have not done the head to head tests, but FWIW. Down side is you need paint thinner to clean the brush.

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  3. Hi SSM!
    Thought you might like to know that today I picked a vegetable out of my garden for the very first time in my life of 26 years. Something about the baseball sized (and shaped) cucmber was the sweetest tasting thing I have ever enjoyed. The Michigan ground has been good for this beginner! 14 tomato plants, 8 pepper plants, two rows carrots and 3 cucumber plants are all growing and besides the peppers, everything is thriving. God bless!

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      • I’m pretty sure it was a red oak; we have tons of them on our property. The tree was already long dead when we bought this place last year, so I can’t ID it for sure, but that would be my guess. I’ve not seen any redwoods around here; we do have (unfortunately) many cedar trees, which I think I’m going to write a post about later explaining why we are cutting down all our cedar trees.


      • One other note; you can get chainsaw chaps for about $100 if you want to do this kind of art. They, and a helmet, can be a lifesaver. And occasional sharpening of the chain!


      • I think I’m going to get my husband some of those chainsaw chaps for a present. He’s been cutting down the smaller trees himself (we outsourced that oak to the professionals because it was very tall and needed to be felled in a very precise spot to avoid damage some cottonwoods near it that are over 100 years old), and I worry about him getting hurt.


      • You would like the ad a hardware store I used to frequent used for them. It showed a ripped up pair of chainsaw chaps and the expenses with and without the chaps, Without, it was something like $3000 for an emergency room visit, four weeks out of work, $100 for a set of chainsaw chaps before cutting again. With, it was “turn off chainsaw, walk back to truck, have a cup of coffee, get new set of chaps and get back to work”.

        The same shop owner had an annual shared Valentine’s Day ad with a florist where they debated the virtues of flowers vs. vacuum cleaners as a gift, and he employed a midget who would crack short jokes with strangers. Great place, bummer I’ve moved away.


  4. My error in iIDing the rtree the bear sofa is made from. I found this on youtube and it is too good not to share.

    Happy mooses!


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