I didn’t know they had a band.

If you live in the vicinity of Chelsea and want something fun to do on a Thursday evening this summer, The Sounds and Sights on Thursday Nights is free and fun.  There is food you can buy, free activities for the kiddos, and live music on every street corner.

We leashed up the pups and took them for a walk at the fest last night and enjoyed listening to this band, especially their cover of Lucinda Williams’ “Can’t Let Go”.  But that band name though…


Note to any readers who might want to start a band for fun someday: always Google whatever you’re thinking of naming your band first, just to be sure…


I’m guessing these nice folks and the realtor who is sponsoring their act are not aware that there is another group with that same name. 🙂 Ah, life in a small town.

5 thoughts on “I didn’t know they had a band.

  1. LOL! Oops on the name. We too have some free concerts in the summertime that are great fun. Alas, my husband has been working too hard to want to go with me, the children have all ditched me, and I don’t really want to go alone all of the time, so I haven’t been doing such things lately. I do have fond memories however, of Thursday Evening in the Park or Music Down By the Bay.

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  2. When random chance bites you in the ass:

    ..although it seems to rain a lot when Stormfront takes to the stage, that had nothing to do with how they got their name.

    “What we did is there was a local bar and we went to that every week and we started with well, it should be a name that has liquor in it, and we went from A to Z and we couldn’t agree on anything. So we put a bunch of names in a hat and we drew out two and those two were storm front,” says guitarist and vocalist, Bob Barden.




  3. Kinda reminds me of how Canada got its name….didn’t have a name, and nobody had a good idea so an old trapper from Manitoba suggested just drawing letters oat of the hat. So they let him.

    C, eh?
    N, eh?
    D, eh?


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