Diversity or your head: apparently you can’t have both.

Remember, the positive effects of diversity in communities are well-documented. If France is to continue to grow and prosper, the French must make it a more inclusive place.

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3 thoughts on “Diversity or your head: apparently you can’t have both.

  1. Why do I have the feeling that French police will find these guys in quick order but there will be no trial because they will not survive capture?


  2. We’ve managed to have diversity and keep our heads in the US for some time now. Vox Day himself is the product of our “diversity.” I am, too. Many of the things that have made our country great have come from immigrants. We all come from immigrants.

    What is being practiced in Europe is not diversity, it is complete capitulation to Muslims. Islam of course, is a religion not a race, but so few people seem to understand that, so to deny Muslims well, just about anything, is now perceived as “racism.” It is not diversity that Europe is attempting to embrace, it is flat out anti-Christianity. Islam is perceived as “the cure.” We are experiencing the same thing in the US, just on a smaller scale.

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    • Perhaps we might say that the problem is not “diversity” so much as “tolerance”…as in tolerance of perversity and savagery provided the practitioner of said perversity or savagery is not white, male, straight, Christian, etc.

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