“Biblical Submission is Not Passivity”

Worthwhile reading for wives.

See, there's this thing called biology...

I promised another post on submission within marriage, but the Peaceful Wife has many lovely articles that address these issues even more thoroughly. Here is a link to one I enjoyed in which she dispels some misconceptions “Biblical Submission is Not Passivity.” Here is a key phrase I really liked, “from this position of great strength in Christ, we submit to our husbands.”

My own words often reflect that  idea too, submission is actually strength in Christ, it is not weakness before men. It is actually an empowering tool for women that allows you to have a more peaceful marriage, enables communication, and helps to facilitate more love and empathy between husbands and wives.

There are many misconceptions about wives being doormats or Stepford wives and marriages being dictatorships, prone to abuse. It’s kind of sad, biblical concepts of submission are so maligned and misunderstood, some people reject them…

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3 thoughts on ““Biblical Submission is Not Passivity”

  1. Not just for wives. Seems to me that I’ve got some people I’m in submission to at work, in government, and the like.

    (though it may be that wives often especially need to be reminded of this, I’m thinking the lads can be reminded, too)


  2. Biblical submission sounds workable. The current offering is not so workable. Do you think that it may catch on?
    Bea5r video,, completely off topic.


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