Working and gardening and worn out.

I had planned to write a post this evening, my few dear readers, I really had, but instead I’m going to go sit on the balcony with a glass of wine.  Well, actually, I’m going to go do the dishes and then sit on the balcony, since my husband is complaining about the state of the kitchen.  Hey buddy, I worked a full day for money and then cooked your dinner…wait, where was I?  Oh yes, wine.  And dishes.

Soon I will tell you what I think about my year of going back to work full time, but not tonight.  Instead I will tell you why I have been too busy to write proper posts.

We are attempting to make this garden, you see.  When I was young, we had an enormous garden that supplied all our family’s fruit and vegetables for the entire year, and I had romantic thoughts about replicating that.

The deer have been enjoying my efforts.  As have the rabbits who yesterday evening ate all my basil plants down to the stems.  Anyone have a good recipe for wild rabbit stew?  So long as it doesn’t call for fresh basil…

My husband, who also works full time, has been doing an amazing job of building a ten-foot tall fence around the raised beds I’ve been creating out of cinder blocks:




You might not be able to see it in the above photo, but he is using plastic mesh netting attached to ten-foot landscape timbers he cemented in.  He also built the enormous door in the front of the photo.  But that isn’t all!  He’s also been trenching it down several feet to keep digging critters out:



And I’ve been hauling and placing cinder blocks, lining the bottom of the beds with cardboard to keep weeds down, and filling the beds with soil:


Remember the winter dreams I had about creating tile mosaics on the cinder blocks? Ha ha.


So far I’ve planted blackberries, strawberries, a variety of herbs, zucchini, summer squash, beets, and melon.

In my mind, I compose witty social commentary posts at regular intervals, but I compose these posts while performing back-breaking labor in the evening sun after putting in a full day for my employer.  That is why the posts stay in my head and never make it to your eyes.

But now I’m going to go load the dishwasher, pour the wine, and sit out in the cool evening air under the stars while listening to the bullfrogs around the pond. And soon…very soon…I will write a proper post.  But not tonight.

Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!

3 thoughts on “Working and gardening and worn out.

  1. It’s interesting – the difference between long, debate-filled talks about living and the hard work of actually doing the living; the difference between a life that is only well talked about and a life that is actually well lived. Welcome to the realities of middle age and middle-age responsibilities. If you remember yourself at your daughters’ ages, and the things that stick in your mind from those periods of your life, you will get a glimpse of the good things you are doing for your daughters’ memories with all of this hard work you are doing. It’s not for nothing, this thing you and your husband are buildling. Kudos to both of you.


  2. You have been having a lot of problems with the local fauna feasting on your efforts. I can see the rabbits looking to buying rockets or pole vaulting. Here, they will need some inspirational music for their plotting.

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